With Borders recent closure and the loss of many smaller independant booksellers it's getting harder and harder to find cheap books in Australia. I put together this list to help fellow Aussies think of ways to get their literary fix, despite the decline.

Online Book Store FishPond.com.au

Fishpond is probably the best way to find the largest selection of books cheaper than most other places, especially physical stores. They have much lower overheads and this results in savings for customers. It also means that they are likely to stay in business when the physical stores don't.

Postage is generally very speedy if they have the book in stock, otherwise it can take a week or two while they order it in. Even more importantly they offer free shipping on every order. They even sell video games and toys, so you can get something for your kids (or yourself) while you are there.

I highly recommend Fishpond.com.au as your first stop if you are looking to buy cheap books online. I have always had excellent customer service when I have bought from them and fast postage on stocked items.

Online or Local Book Swaps

Often local bookclubs or community groups will organise swap-meets for book. Attending one of these is an excellent way to trade some of your old books for ones you haven't read yet. Whats better is that it won't cost you anything. If you can't find a local book swap you could always try an online one like TheBookSwap.com.au and see if there is anyone on their willing to trade with you.


Finding new and used books on eBay is very easy and there is usually a lot on offer. eBay.com.au will show local listings for books, simply search by title or author and you will likely find what you are looking for. The one drawback of this method is that postage on books can often be quite expensive via the Australian postal service which is what most eBayers use.

Garage Sales

People often have large amounts of older books sitting around their homes and you be able to find a lot of very cheap books at garage sales. Check local newspapers or go for a drive around your local area for garage sales, but be prepared to have put in some effort searching for good books.

Clearance / Going Out of Business Sales

Probably the only upside to so many physical book retailers going out of business is the massive clearance sales they have. Stores will cut prices a lot to make sure that they sell off as much of their stock as possible. Take advanatge of this, if you hear a local book seller is closing go check them out for bargains. When my local Borders book store was closing down I managed to buy a few books I had been wanting for around 70-80% off!


Despite being an American-based website, Amazon does ship to Australia and it is possible to find some really good deals there. Amazon is an even better option when our dollar is strong against the US like it is now!


Look DownLook DownI hope this article has helped you find some ways to find cheap books in Australia. If you have any other methods I'd love to hear them in the comments below!