Being able to find genuine cheap Ugg Boots can be a challenge. The popularity of the Australian sheepskin shoes has made finding an inexpensive pair of Uggs a hot commodity.

A pair can retail for over $200, but there are ways of finding a pair of cheap ugg boots for less than this with a little savvy shopping and effort on your part.

Buy Cheap Ugg Boots Online

More and more people are buying online, and that should be no surprise. Since online stores have no real storefront, their costs are lower which often means the savings can be passed on to the consumer. Many online retailers have simple and generous return policies which makes buying shoes online a breeze. Here are some great websites where you can start your online search right now!

Cheap Ugg Boots at Online Specialty Shoe Stores

CozyBoots and TopSaleBoots are both great websites to check for cheap ugg boots. In addition to a wide selection of the current latest trends, they also sale many popular lines at big discounts over retail. When buying from an online store, there are a couple of things that you should remember. First, always keep an eye out for sales. One website may have the pair you want on sale while another one may not. At CozyBoots for example, A pair of classic tall Uggs was recently on sale for $99, down from $200. That is a savings of more than 50%!

Second, sometimes you don't even have to search or wait for a sale. Many online retailers will sell Uggs for less than traditional shoes stores or department stores. So, if saving 10-25% is good enough for you to call them cheap Ugg boots, then get going. Also, don't be afraid to consider some of the less expensive options. You can probably find the classic short Ugg regularly priced online for a little more than $100, while the classic tall fancy is regularly priced over $200.

Cheap Ugg Boots at Online Department Stores

Another way to find terrific deals is to look at the large superstore websites like or or These websites have a large selection available and they routinely have discounts on various lines ranging from the classics to sandals.

Cheap Ugg Boots at Retail Stores

Don't forget to think about local stores in your area as well. By shopping at local retailers, you can avoid paying the shipping and handling fees and having to wait to get your shoes in the mail.

The best deals at these stores tend to happen right when new models are coming in. Stores will discount the existing line in an effort to sell them to make room for the new incoming inventory.

Cheap Ugg Boots at Auction Sites

Good deals can also be found at popular websites like eBay. These types of websites can be a great source for finding what you are looking for, but be sure you do your homework. These sites can be riddled with bad dealers and cheap knockoffs, so check the seller's history and make sure there is plenty of good feedback.

Get Shopping

Fortunately, Uggs remain in high demand which is great for consumers since it forces retailers, online and off to compete for business. Don't pay full retail if you don't have to, you could be passing a great deal!

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