Velcro dots are something that can be used in many different applications. They can be used in craft making, school projects, at home projects, clothing repair and many other places to numerous to mention. If you are someone who has a use or uses for Velcro dots but don’t know where to go for the best prices and the biggest selections then you are in luck. This article will tell you both and much more so keep reading along.

Types of Velcro Dots/Coins

Velcro dots are very versatile coming in sizes ranging from one half inch in diameter to as big as one and three eighths inches in diameter. Most Velcro products like dots come in two sides known has the hook and loop. The hook side is the rough scratchy side and the loop side is the soft and fussy side. Depending on where you purchase your dots or coins as they are sometimes called, they may come in pairs with the hook and loop or sold separately.

Dots are available in a least two different materials nylon which is hook and loop and polyolefin which sticks to its self so there is no need to buy two sides plus the poly is UV resistant making it good for outdoor use. They also come in many colors black and white being the most common but are also available in many shades of blue, red, green, grey and even neon colors. Just about any color you would need. And if you really know what you are looking and need to meet certain specifications there are Velcro products that have many strength specs that you can choose from like cycle life which is the number of times it can be done and undone before it starts losing its ability to stick. Shear strength and pull apart strength which is the amount of presser it takes to make the two pieces slide apart pulling from the ends and amount of presser to simply pull the two pieces apart. This for example would be the differences between regular Velcro and industrial strength Velcro.

Dots also come with different types of adhesive backings. There is regular adhesive and extra strength adhesive or you can get them with no backing so that they can be glued or sewn on to cloth and other materials.

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Where to Find Velcro Dots/Coins Cheap

Dots normally come in packets with different quantities from as few as ten to as many as one thousand. Ranging in price from four or five dollars to as much as fifty dollars depending on the size, material, and strength you choose. Like all Velcro products there are many places that dots can be purchased some retail stores like Walmart, Office Depot, Lowes, and Home Depot have fairly good selections but if you really want a big selection with the lowest prices buying online just can not be beat. Site like, and all have an enormous selection to pick from and if you are planning on buying a large quantity do yourself a favor and check them all out some have cheaper prices than others depending on the product.

So has you can see whether you’re a musician, artist or factory worker there is a Velcro dot that is made just for the application you are needing. Hopefully this article has been of some assistance in your search for the perfect Velcro dots.