Knowing where to buy cheap and best black diamond stackable rings will save you a lot of time and money.  Before you know where to buy these rings, let us take a little history lesson and discover what charcoal diamonds are.  Coal solitaires can be found in Brazil and Africa.  Black rocks are opaque.  Charcoal diamonds are very rare and are known to be the rarest of all diamonds. They are difficult to cut because the surface is pitted. These diamonds were formed 3.5 billion years ago but did not really become known until about 1 million years ago. This is because it took that long to push their way up from volcano eruptions.

Finding Ebony Gems

Because dark rocks are rare, they are very much in demand and can sometimes be difficult to find. These features also make them somewhat expensive. But there are ways to find authentic stackable band at a lower price. You want to first check in your area with a jewelry store that is reputable. They may not carry this type of ringlet but chances are they can recommend to you a store that does. You can also check high end estate sales as well as auctions that either deal with high-end items or high-end jewelry. Also, you can look online for these types of band. Be sure to do research on a company before making a purchase online because you are not able to see the actual product. You want to watch out for prices on stackable rings that seem too low or the jeweler does not seem reputable. Crooked jewelers will use heat to make a lighter shade of diamond appear darker.

Shopping for Ebony Gemstone Rings

It is important to understand that when you are shopping for black rock stackable rings, that these gemstones are priced on their weight and their cut. While you may think they are a bit on the pricey side, they are in fact cheaper than traditional solitaires. When looking at dusky gems, you need to figure out if it is naturally black or if it is treated. The ones that are natural are more valuable because nothing has been done to them. Treated ones use heat and irradiation which takes that clear gemstone and turned it black. Also, you should determine if the ebony solitaires are real ones, synthetic rocks or artificial diamonds. It could be that the stone is also black onyx which looks very much like dark gems.

Buying Black Diamond Bands

When shopping for smoky gem rings, you need to know what you are actually buying. In jewelry terms, there is what is called the 4 C's of gemstone quality. This refers to all gemstones whether clear, black or any other color. The 4 C's of gemstone quality stand for color, cut, clarity and carat weight. You should always ask to see the Gemological Institute of America Colored Diamond Identification and Origin paperwork for the black diamond rings that you are looking at. This paperwork tells you the color grade as well as the nature of the color. Also included in the paperwork is whether or not it is a natural or artificial diamond. What most people do not know is that even if the paperwork is not readily available, all sellers must disclose any modifications made to the solitaire as required by law. There is also other paperwork that is titled the Gemological Institute of America Colored Diamond Grading Report. This paperwork will tell you the cut, the carat weight and the clarity of the black gem.

Places to Purchase Diamond Stackable Rings


Sterling Silver Coal 2/5 carat Diamond Stackable Ring Set

    This set includes two sterling silver rings and one black rhodium ring with shiny black solitaires.  Its carat weight is .39 carats.  The band size is 1.8mm wide.
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¼ carat Black Diamond Stackable Ring in 10 Carat White Gold

    The ring is shimmering with 18 round ebony rocks that are set in 10 carat white gold.  The ring comes complete with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute.
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925 Silver 2/5 Carat Ebony Diamond Stackable Eternity Band Rings Set

    This sterling silver band has a purity of .925.  The carat weight is .30 to .45 with a width of 5.75mm.  The set comes with 2 sterling silver bands with shiny white stones and one sterling silver band with genuine smoky gems.

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    There are certain things to look for when you are buying from EBay sellers.  You want to check the seller’s feedback.  You want to be sure you are purchasing authentic jewelry so the feedback is important.  The seller should be listed as a top rated seller with a feedback of as close to 100% as possible.  If you have any questions about the product, you can contact the seller and they should respond to you in a timely manner and answer your questions and concerns completely.

My Jewelry Box

Coal Diamond Stackable Ring 1/10th Carat in Sterling Silver

This ring is a sterling silver band with shimmering smoky gemstones.  The ring is 1/3 inch in width.

    My Jewelry Box is the leading online jeweler with over 100,000 customers.  They sell top quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

Charcoal diamonds are beautiful and a treasure to have.  You want to choose the perfect combination of stackable charcoal rock rings that you can cherish for years to come.  Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest in finding where to buy cheap and best black diamond stackable rings.