stack of diapersCredit: Vera KratochvilYou may have collected stacks of prefolded diapers, pocket diapers and diaper inserts in preparation for your new baby. However, there are a few accessories that you may have missed. Depending on the style of diapers that you are planning to use, you may still need fasteners such as diaper pins, plastic snaps or “Snappis,” as well as diaper covers and swim diapers for taking your baby to the beach or pool.

If you don’t know a Snappi from a snap-on diaper, read on for information on diaper accessories and where to find them.


Some diapers such as all-in-one and pocket diapers come with hook-and-loop or plastic snap closures. However, flat and prefold cloth diapers do not come with closures. In the past, mothers and fathers used large pins to secure these diapers.

Parents often found these pins challenging to use on a wiggly baby.  A diaper with a pin could also be a danger to both a parent’s fingers and a baby’s skin. In lieu of pins, some parents choose to use Snappi diaper closures. These closures are made of polyurethane with grips on the ends similar to an ACE bandage. The closures grip the cloth of the diaper and hold it in place.

Diaper pins are available in many large chain baby stores. Snappi diaper closures are typically available wherever flat or prefold diapers are sold, including specialty baby stores and online outlets.


Newer styles of diapers such as pocket diapers have a built-in cover that helps to keep moisture inside the diaper. However, older style cloth diapers such as prefolds and flats may allow moisture to leak through.

Although parents can contain this moisture by using several layers of absorbent material, a diaper cover will also help to keep wetness inside the diaper. Diaper covers are typically made of a waterproof material such as wool, fleece, or a polyurethane laminate. They are also available wherever cloth diapers are sold, including specialty baby stores and online outlets.

Swim Diapers

Public pools require that a baby wear a swim diaper. These diapers are not absorbent, but will contain solid waste. Although disposable diaper manufacturers make disposable swim diapers, there are reusable swim diapers made of cloth as well.

Reusable swim diapers have a waterproof cover and a mesh layer inside to keep waste contained. Most cloth diaper manufacturers make swim diapers as well.  If you have a reliable cloth supplier, you can probably order a swim diaper from the same source.