If you have decided to start selling aromatherapy products, but you aren’t at a stage where purchasing essential oils wholesale is an option, you may be wondering where to buy essential oils in stores. It’s important to only buy essential oils from retailers that know about them and store and source them correctly, as some cheap stores will try to pass perfume oil as essential oils.

Herbs and Natural Products Stores

If you are looking for the safest place where to buy essential oils in stores, a real herbalist or a natural product retailer is usually your best bet. However, they are usually quite more expensive, as they cater to a demographic that is willing to pay extra for organic, 100% natural guaranteed products. On the bright side, this kind of store usually has strong safeguards so the oils sold there are legitimate, produced ethically and 100% without chemical additives to lower costs.

This kind of store usually stocks popular essential oils that are easy to sell and have relatively long shelf lives and no special requirements in terms of storage.  It’s difficult for them to stock really expensive, high quality oils because the risk of making a loss is higher, but if you are looking for branded blends, such as Sunbreeze Essential Oil, they are likely to either stock them or be able to order them for you. Convenient if you just got an order for lemongrass scented candles and discovered that you have run of materials, or if you want to buy small amounts of a particular oil to test it.

Massage and Physiotherapy Supplies

If you are investigating where to buy essential oils in stores but are willing to buy larger amounts than an average consumer, physiotherapy supplies stores are a great source of essential oils for skin at competitive prices. They are usually well aware of how to conserve the oils, and you won’t find essential oils on transparent plastic bottles, degrading under the lights. And if you are willing to ask the attendants usually can give sound advice on the best ways of using particular blends, or even when they are contraindicated.

The main problem with this kind of store is that they stock oils that are used for massage and physiotherapy, which is great if all you want to do is your making your own essential oils facemask, but not so great if you want to make candles using oils that aren’t necessarily skin safe.

New Age Stores

Besides being a great source of gifts for New Age believers, many New Age stores stock high quality essential oils for use on rituals, incense making or to aid meditation. And some of them will offer bulk discounts, or can get you larger amounts if you talk with them or become a regular customer. However, buying from this kind of store can be a bit risky, because sometimes what is sold as aromatherapy essential oils are actually just perfume blends with very low potency.

On one side, you can find many uncommon essential oils and other natural ingredients in this kind of shop, but beware of cheap shops that are just trying to make money off the New Age trend selling cheap imitations and pewter pentagrams to tourists.

The best way of knowing where to buy essential oils in stores is checking out both the price and how the bottles are stored and displayed. Avoid any store that cannot give you a detailed list of ingredients for a blend or sells oils significantly cheaper than anything you can find online.

Essential oils are stored in glass bottles, usually dark amber glass, because their highly concentrated actives degrade in the presence of air, sunlight and can react with plastic. Anything sold on a cheap plastic bottle is most likely perfume oil, which can be great for oil burners, but won’t work as a component on aromatherapy products. If you try to use those, your customers will know as they don’t really have the health benefits associated with real essential oils.