Consumers wondering where to buy floating candles in bulk may be planning a special event or may be a retailer hoping to sell the candles to shoppers. Some people who are looking to purchase a bulk amount of floating luminaries are using them in art and craft projects that will be sold at bazaars and festivals.

What Is a Floating Candle?

This type of illumination is designed to float in water. They feature oversized tops with smaller bottoms for stability. People who have a pool or pond will often use these decorative items when they are hosting a party. They give off a romantic glow, and the reflection on the water’s surface is enchanting. Alternatively, these luminaries can be used as a dinner table centerpiece when they are placed in a large bowl filled with water.

Safety Benefits

As long as you keep flammable materials away from the edge of the water, these waterborne candles present little safety hazard. Over the course of an evening, they will burn themselves out and typically float to the bottom of the body of water. Because they are literally surrounded by water, there is minimal danger of the candles setting a fire.

Various Types

Some of these decorative pieces are small, approximately the size of tealights or votives. Others are quite large and can really illuminate a bigger body of water. They assume various shapes. Some are simply geometric in nature while others may take the shape of flowers, animals, birds and pretty nearly anything else that designers can imagine. Additionally, they are available in every color of the rainbow so that they may be coordinated with an overall color scheme.

Benefits of Bulk Purchasing

Purchasing in bulk usually means a per piece price that is considerably reduced over the typical retail price. An item that costs a certain amount when sold individually may cost one-third to one half less when it is purchased in bulk. Accordingly, if you are interested in buying items by the case, you can probably save a significant amount of money.

Buying Online

Many consumers choose to do their candle shopping online. It’s typically an efficient method, and many websites offer free shipping as an extra incentive. Shopping on the Internet also gives you the broadest selection of products from which to choose. If you are looking for a specific color, size or design, you can probably find it by browsing the Internet.

Where to Buy in Bulk in the United States

In the U.S., one of the best websites for buying candles in bulk is QuickCandles. This is the most accessible website to find classic, round, smooth-sided floating candles in large quantities. They are available in a wide selection of colors and come in diameters of two and three inches. Additionally, they feature tealight sized versions for extra variety. At the CandleDepot website, these decorative items are only available in white, but they are quite inexpensive when purchased in large quantities. With the Dollar days website, customers get closeout pricing on a variety of shapes, sizes and designs of floating candles. The savings are remarkable, and so is the selection.

For Canadians

Canadians can find a superior collection of floating candles at Claire de Lune. Retail stores are located throughout Canada. Alternatively, shoppers can find the wares they are looking for at the Claire de Lune website. The Candles4Less website is another reliable retailer that offers shipping of bulk orders to customers across Canada. They carry a broad selection of candles in a variety of sizes as well as a line of holders that are suitable for tabletops and mantelpieces.

Australian Consumers Have Numerous Choices

Australian consumers will love the Lavida website where registration is required to make wholesale purchases. Lavida has a particularly deep collection of floating candles as well as other fashionable housewares for everyday use or special occasions. The Candlelight Company is another reliable Australian purveyor of candles. They’ve been in the business for more than 50 years, making them one of the most experienced and prolific companies in the business. Candlelight sells their wares throughout Australia, and they boast a particularly expansive collection. In addition to the traditional disk-shaped versions, customers can also buy candles shaped like tropical fish, flowers, seashells, people floating on inner tubes and the moon and stars. With such terrific selection, it’s not surprising that this business has been thriving for several decades.

Bulk Purchases in the United Kingdom

At the Covent Garden Candle Company website, browsers will find a sophisticated array of products. Their floating candles are available by the case at reasonable prices. They come in many different colors and sizes. Covent Garden even makes giant versions of these products that burn for upwards of nine hours. The silver and gold-colored products are particularly popular for special occasions. The Candlelight Company is another trusted supplier. They stick mainly to the traditionally shaped versions, but they are available in many different colors. As an added incentive, they also sell organic candles in a half coconut shell. These can be used on a shelf or table top or used as a floater. Either way, their charming appearance and pleasing scent are sure to be a hit. The Busy Bees Candles website boasts a particularly diverse selection and a fun shopping format. Most of their wares are crafted by hand and features scents that are gorgeous and refreshing.

Distinct Advantages

Buying in bulk is a time-tested technique for saving money on nearly any product. The same can truly be said of purchasing floating candles. These small but enormously decorative items bring illumination and graceful movement to any special event or just an ordinary evening. When people are hoping to purchase wholesale, their best opportunities to do so will be online. Many of the websites that sell these wares around the world provide free or discounted shipping when you make a large quantity purchase. As a result, it’s easy to purchase enough to have a supply on hand for several years. Alternatively, you’d have plenty of illumination for an outdoor party.

These versatile decorative pieces are endless flexible. They work in settings that are elegant or casual. They can float in pools or ponds or be kept in a special holder on a table top. Regardless, they make sophisticated decorating an absolute breeze.