Whether you are a collector or a distributor of lapel pins, you’ll want to know where to buy lapel pins. You can buy these pieces individually as a collector, or wholesale when you are looking to resell them or make them up special for a particular group or event. These pieces many times have meaningful symbolism, are functional, and often are designed in a way that makes them quite collectible. It is common to see conventions and social events organized around the purchasing and trading of lapel pins. These usually will have certain themes attached to them. Most of the time this type of collecting is done in person; however there are whole message board and websites which are made solely for this hobby, too.

The Reasons People Collect Lapel Pins

There are so many reasons that people collect these little gems. It could be due to their love of certain objects, such as flags from different countries. For instance, pins of the American flag and other countries such as China, Canada, Australia and the UK are very popular. On the other hand, some people become collectors when certain objects or symbols have a more personal meaning to them, like military memorabilia. Others start collections as an investment because of the high appreciation rate of some collectibles. Collecting and all the different activities that go along with it are a really fun way to meet new people and socialize. Collecting these pins is a great hobby for many reasons which include:

• The variety of pieces available, making the opportunities for a collection pretty much limitless.

• These collections are easy to keep up and easy to travel with.

• There can be sentimental value behind the symbolism of the pins.

• They are functional and attractive.

• It is a perfect way to round out another kind of collection, like sports memorabilia.

• They are attractive and often have gold plating and colorful designs.

• They are a great option to show off your group or company’s logo.

Places to Purchase Lapel Pins

So, where can you get lapel pins? Of course, you need to decide what type you are looking for first, as there are all kinds of options and variations. You can even get masonic ones to represent your masonry league. Or you may want to get ones that represent your state if you are in a sports team or competition. Varieties that come in the shape of an awareness ribbon are also very popular if you are in an organization that one of these represents or you want to show your support for issues such as breast cancer.

Flea Markets – Flea markets are a treasure trove of finds, and this absolutely includes lapel pins. Since so many big name companies such as McDonald’s and Coca Cola plus sports teams and alcohol and tobacco companies have all produced these wearable works of art, there are collectors out there who want to find them. Others enjoy collecting popular characters from Disney and the Peanuts, or even Betty Boop. A flea market is the perfect place to look for these, and many people enjoy the fun of the hunt. This is probably one of the best places to buy lapel pins if you love looking through all the vendors have to offer to find what you want.

Everything Pins – This online retailer offer plenty of custom-made pins made for your organization or business, which are the perfect thing to help you represent yourself at trade shows and conventions. These pins will make you stand out to your clients and will make a lasting impression on others who attend the event. They can even be worn on suits, and you can also give them away at your booth.

Sporting Events – With the amount of sports fans around, you can bet that you can buy a representation for your favorite sports team directly at several sporting events. You can find these pins for sale at the vendors who attend these events, and you may even be able to put in a larger order with them if you need something for a group or event.

Pin Mart – This online vendor has over two million pins that are in stock already. Plus, they have the ability to make custom products made to order, so you can get whatever design you need. This is great for companies who want their logo used in a design. Or, you can choose from one of one thousand stock designs. No matter whether you need them to show your employees your appreciation, to bring awareness to a certain organization, or to show support for a cause, you can find the design you want here. When you choose from the stock designs you can order as few as one, or if you go with a custom design you will need to order a minimum of one hundred.

Crazy Trophy – This internet supplier has many items to choose from, including lapel pins. You can find these metal pins in a variety of styles. They offer fast factory direct shipping, plus their prices are very cheap and affordable. You can even choose next day delivery if you need your order in a hurry. They have a huge variety of quality pins in stock which can be used to represent your sports team or as an achievement reward.

eBay – eBay is always the perfect place to look when you need something specific or hard to find. If you are a collector who is looking to complete your collection with certain pieces, this should be your first stop. You may even be able to find certain styles in bulk if you are buying for an organization or club, and if you need a small number of pins it is also easier to purchase them in this form from someone on eBay rather than a website that specializes and would prefer to sell to you in larger amounts. Plus, if you need any extra lapel pin backs, look no further than eBay where you can buy in larger quantities and stock up.

Etsy – This website features crafts and wares of many people who have signed up to have a store on the site. If you are looking for something a bit unique of the lapel pin variety, you will be able to find many flower lapel pins. Instead of the traditional metal pins that are commonly seen, you can find many handmade pieces on Etsy. You’ll also see a variety of the popular red poppy pin here that is worn on Remembrance Day.

These little pieces are so much fun to collect, which is why so many people are attracted to them for one reason or another. Whether you are ordering right from manufacturers or you are shopping from an individual at a flea market or online auction site, the options are endless. No matter your interests, event or hobby, you will likely be able to find just the right styles for your needs. Plus, collecting them is a great way to meet other people who have like interests when you find online collecting groups and trade them in person at various shows. These pins are attractive, versatile and have a long-lasting appeal that is sure to remain for many years to come.