When you have large feet you can’t just go anywhere to buy shoes. First let’s define what large size shoes are for men and women. For men a large size shoe is over a size 13. For women a large size shoe is over the size of 9.5. Many people with large size feet think that there are no stores that sell their size, that is wrong.


This is my favorite place to buy shoes. First of all Nordstrom’s has a huge shoe department. Nordstrom carries every type from lower end to high end designer shoes. Nordstrom carries women’s shoes up to a size 14/15, and men’s up to size 20. Nordstrom’s also has the best customer service and they treat you like you are the only person in the store.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a Nordstrom brand store. They carry discounted clothing and shoes from the Nordstrom stores. Nordstrom Rack also carries large size shoes. For women sizes up to a size 15 and for men shoes up to a size 20. This is a fun store to shop at for shoes because you can find designer brand shoes for highly discounted prices. Not only does Nordstrom’s Rack have already discounted prices all the time, a few times a year they have the large size shoe event were only the large size shoes are marked down further. 


The Nike store carries large size athletic shoes for men and women. I really like this because I feel that sometimes the larger size feet you have the uglier the athletic shoes are. This is not the case at Nike, Nike has lots of stylish athletic shoes in popular colors in large sizes. Nike has women’s shoes up to a size 18! Yes you read that right 18! Nike carries men’s shoes up to size 19. My entire family has large feet, we like to show them off my wearing bright colored Nike running shoes.


REI is a outdoors store. They carry a lot of outdoor shoes like hiking boots and sandals in larger sizes. REI has women’s shoes up to size 11, and men’s up to size 15. I am always able to find nice outdoor shoes brands here.

Schuler Shoes

Schuler Shoes specializes in comfort shoes. They are all about addressing foot problems by finding the correct kind of shoe for your foot. Schuler Shoes also has large size shoes. They have women’s shoes in sizes up to a 14, and men’s in sizes up to size 20.