Hopefully when it comes to the purchasing and browsing of light fixtures for bathroom showers online, this article will act as a good guide to help point you in the direction to finding the right lighting fixture for your bathroom shower. Whether you are wanting a lighting system in your bathroom shower that can also double up as a fan, or you are just simply wanting to turn your shower water blue with neon lights (or just your standard light for a shower), one of the sites in the list below should offer exactly what you are looking for.

The first website I would call at would be Amazon.com, here you can buy a whole range of varying lighting fixtures for the bathroom shower, from ceiling light fixtures ( Mr. Beams MB 980 Powered Motion Sensing Led Ceiling Light) to an imperial bronze design light fixture that doubles as a fan (Hunter 90058 Bathroom Fan & Light Imperial Bronze). There are literally hundreds of lighting fixtures listed here on Amazon.

(Personally I particularly like the lights that are actually fixed into the shower head such as the '12 inch Brass Shower Head with faint LED chrome' but remember Amazon do also offer a huge range for traditional and modern shower lighting fixtures as well.) Be sure to check out the lighting fixtures customer reviews and ratings also.

I would then check out Nextag.com, again like you would have done with Amazon do a quick search for a term such as 'light fixtures for bathroom shower' then it should come up with a good range of lighting systems and bulbs specifically for the bathroom shower. At nextag.com they have a really good range of your modern and smooth looking light fixtures. There bestseller appears to be that of the 'Juno 432NG-WH 5 inch Lensed Down light Recessed' by quite a way, with a lot of reviews and giving it a five star rating. 

Then if you haven't found anything you like from the sites above, start to check out websites that specialise in lighting such as LightingDirect.com which offer a variety of different lights, but they offer a good range of lights that are directed towards lighting for the bathroom shower. Again to get to these type of lights be sure to type in a relevant term into the search bar at the top, such as 'shower lighting fixture'.

A list of sites similar to that of LightingDirect.com specialising in lights that sell a range of r lighting fixtures for the bathroom:

  • Seagulllighting.com 
  • faucet.com 
  • homedepot.com
  • lightinguniverse.com

(If you know anymore please comment below)

If you are looking for a rather specific light fixture, that you aren't coming across in the sites above,  you might have to go looking for them manually via the search engines. For example I wanted to get hold of a specific brushed nickel lighting fixtures, I would then type a term like 'brushed nickel light fixtures bathroom' into a search engine such as Google.  This would then give me a list of websites results such as LightingUniverse.com and Lampsplus.com (like that of lightingdirect.com, in the sense they specialise in just lights) with each site offering me a different range of brushed nickel lighting fixtures.

When it comes to searching for lighting fixtures for your bathroom shower, be sure to also check around for the cheapest prices, you may find one model will be more expensive at one lighting fixture website than another.