For anyone interested in purchasing low cost plantation shutters, you can easily find them online at fairly affordable prices. While many people think that plantation shutters are very costly to purchase, they are not all expensive. There are also different options you can choose when ordering shutters that will make them more affordable.

Online stores generally offer cheaper prices for plantation shutters than regular window treatment shops. The cheapest shutter types are the vinyl shutters. You can usually find these in either white or brown finishes, and some are also available in a wood stain like finish. White looks chic and smart, especially when installed in a kitchen. If your living areas also feature a modern style decor, then white shutters could also look very nice. The great thing about vinyl shutters are that they are usually fairly lightweight and they are very easy to clean and dust. They are not subject to damage from extreme temperatures either, and hold up very well in all climates.

Faux wood shutters are also very reasonably priced, and in many instances they look just as great when installed in windows as regular wood shutters. While they may cost slightly more than vinyl shutters, you are still able to find very reasonably priced ones online. They are fairly easy to care for, and respond well to a light dusting with a damp cloth. Be careful not to get them too wet though, as they can become damaged from being subject to a lot of water. They are a bit heavier than both wood and vinyl shutters, but still very manageable for most people.

If you have some money to invest in window treatments and you really do want wood shutters, you could always consider buying untreated hardwood shutters. They are sold in custom sizes, and you can decide on whether you want the wood prepared for a paint finish or a stain and varnish finish. They are not made from top grade hardwood, but they still do come up very nice when finished. Of course, you would need to have some expertise at staining wood and assembling shutters if you were to buy these, but they are a very good, reasonably priced option when it comes to low cost plantation shutters that are made from real wood.

Another way you can save on your plantation shutter purchase is by buying standard sized shutters, providing you have standard sized windows. In general, any customization of shutters will cause you to end up paying quite a bit more for the finished product than if you were to buy standard sized shutters. Keeping this in mind, perhaps you could just put shutters on your standard sized windows and choose some other, cheaper option of window treatment for your non-standard size windows.