Mason Jars

My sister was pondering the question "Where to buy mason jars?" Then after a while she came to me with it, but I didn't know either. We got to talking about when our grandmother used to can everything when we lived in Virginia and that really added fuel to the fire. Then, we got our other sister in on it. It's funny how memories can make you want to recreate something from the past. As far as where to buy mason jars goes, we had no idea, so we started by asking friends. Luckily that got us a start and we were off and running in three different directions. It helps when there is more than one person looking. Going to stores and calling can be very time consuming by yourself.

Where to Buy Mason Jars

One of the easiest places to find mason jars is at the local grocery store. Just take a look while shopping for food. No need to make a special trip and you can ask the manager to special order them if you want more. However, some grocery stores don't carry mason jars or any type of canning jar.

The next place is a Walmart Super Store and Target, although some carry them and some don't. It is wise to call if you're not going there for anything else. The ones by me had them, but those by my sister didn't. Also, check out Hardware stores and Dollar Stores we saw some at Dollar General, however, they only carry a few you know how crowded it is in there.

If you're a second hand store junkie then why not add mason jars to your list. My sisters and I love flea markets and thrift stores. So, we went together on this trip. We even found some of the old blue mason jars and many different sizes of mason jars. There were Ball jars too! It is best to go and not call because the people who work there are usually too busy or whatever to look.

Where to Buy Cheap Mason Jars

You can buy cheap mason jars at several places online. The first place we looked for cheap mason jars was on ebay. There we found some antique mason jars and other interesting finds as well. It's just plain fun to shop at the ebay antique auction!

Craigslist is another great place to shop for cheap mason jars and other types of canning jars. Placing an ad for mason jars is a good idea too. There are people who have oodles of canning jars gathering dust in their basement who would love to sell them to you, but they don't know you want them.

One more place to try is Freecycle. They are a non-profit organization whose goal is to divert reusable goods from landfills. You never know what other goodies you might find at Freecycle.

Now, if someone asks you where to buy mason jars you know what to tell them.

Mason Jar Uses

When you buy mason jars keep in mind that they have many uses. For most people canning is what comes to mind, but with some creative thinking it's hard telling what you can come up with. Here are some ideas for uses of mason jars:

*Fill with favorite treat as a gift

*Plant a plant or replant a plant

*A centerpiece for parties

*A vase for fake or real flowers

*Fill with potpourri

*Make candles

*Holder for pens, pencils, office supplies

* Saving change

*Storing most anything

Now, you not only know where to buy mason jars, but also ideas on how to use them.

Mason Jars

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