More and more people are starting to turn to toothpastes without fluoride in it, especially for kids. Fluoride is seen as the number one required ingredient in toothpastes to prevent cavities. However, there are plenty of ways to prevent cavities with just a clean and thorough oral hygiene. Not to mention, fluoride is a toxic. I personally feel organic toothpastes are the very best to use. Natural products that protect your enamel, prevent bacteria, can go a long way in providing the very best oral hygiene possible. If you're looking where to buy a non fluoride toothpaste, then I have a few different products for you to choose from. Kids of 8 years or younger should use a non fluoride toothpaste. Take a look down below on why a fluoride toothpaste might be bad for your kids, and why you might want switch to a non fluoride toothpaste.

Why My Kid Should use a Non Fluoride Toothpaste

Although fluoride has been known as an anti-cavity killer, fluoride can be bad for the development of teeth. Especially for kids who still have their baby teeth, fluoride can develop enamel fluorosis, which is known to cause staining of the enamel. So for kids under 8, they should use a fluoride free toothpaste during the growing formation of their permanent teeth.. A toothpaste without fluoride that doesn't contain harsh chemicals can still protect their enamel and provide a healthy oral hygiene. Fluoride since its known as a toxic is another reason why a fluoride free toothpaste might be recommended. After all, fluoride was used as rat poison. Fluorine is recognized as a poison, that can potentially lead to enzyme inhibition, cancer, birth defects, acute poisoning, impaired cognitive system, and immune system suppression.

Remember, cavities develop from a lack of a thorough hygiene from acids from the drinks and foods that we eat. Although there's been a lot of claims of what fluorine does for tooth decay and cavities, there's no real substantial proof. If you remain a clean oral hygiene, then you'll prevent the chance of tooth decay and cavities. Fluoride is not relied on to prevent cavities. Cleaning your mouth properly, by flossing, and removing all food particles left from your mouth is the best way to maintaining a clean and healthy mouth. You are not relied strictly on fluoride to maintain healthy teeth.

Where to Buy A Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Jason Natural Sea Fresh Toothpaste - The sea fresh made by Jason Natural's contains no fluoride, and heavily relies on three natural whitening ingredients; bamboo powder, calcium carbonate, and silica. Aloe vera gel is featured, and prevents inflammation and bacteria in the mouth. Essential oils like grapefruit seed extract and perilla seed extract help block sugar acids, which is critical in maintaining a thorough and healthy hygiene. This is a recommended toothpaste that's not relied on fluoride to prevent cavities. You can maintain a fresh breath and can prevent sensitive teeth by using this organic completely free fluoride product. You should use twice a day, kids can use this toothpaste as well. It will help prevent stains, plaque buildup, tartar stains, and cavities. You can purchase this non fluoride toothpaste online, ecarter and fubao health store.



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Oxyfresh Non-Fluoride Toothpaste - Oxyfresh is known for their low-abrasion toothpastes. However, this toothpaste does contain sodium lauryl sulfate in it. For those also looking for a sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste, then you'll want to purchase a different kind of non fluoride toothpaste obviously. Other known ingredients found are calcium carbonate, water, glycerin, sorbitol, chondrus, crispus, sodium chlorite, natural mint flavor, sucralose, and dicalcium phosphate. It's known to be an effective toothpaste without fluoride, that helps to prevent against bad breath, plaque buildup, tartar stains, and gingivitis. You can purchase online at H&M Herbs & Oxyfresh Dentist.

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Spry Toothpaste - Spry might be one of the most recognized fluoride free ones to find online. It contains xylitol, the natural sweetener that works to kill off bacteria and protects the enamel. Online at and amazon you can find a great deal going for this Spry oral hygiene produce. The toothpaste works to keep your breath fresh, while preventing gingivitis, plaque buildup, and prevents cavities as well. Prices are cheap and cost about four dollars.

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Tom of Maine's Toothpaste - Tom of Main's has a ton of natural and chemically free products made just for children. The silly strawberry flavor is design for gentle cleansing. No animal ingredients, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors are added to the fluoride free toothpaste. Calcium and silica provide strong and growing teeth for children. You can find good deals of this toothpaste online at and Tom of Maine's has plenty of other ones with different flavors that kids might enjoy. You can visit their website at for more on their non fluoride products.