Many collectors are searching for where to buy Smurfs. The tiny figurines have been a fun hobby for thousands ever since Peyo introduced them to the public. If you are looking for the best price and selection, peruse this simple list to find where to buy smurfs.


Smurf CollectionCredit: ladycynamin


Smurfs are just obscure enough that eBay is the largest marketplace for them. When considering where to buy Smurfs, eBay is a great place for large collections and low prices. This is also a great location to find large Smurf lots for beginning collectors.

Many rarer samples, however, are more expensive than you would typically find. This is because collectors consider eBay the only place to find certain rare pieces; the prices are driven up to unreasonable sums.



Craigslist is a great place to find personal collections that people are trying to get rid of. Unfortunately, it is not an easy site to navigate. Begin by searching locations nearest you and gradually get further and further away. I never recommend buying on Craigslist without meeting the seller and seeing the merchandise in person.

If the seller is too far away, consider asking them to list the item on eBay and buy there. It may be a bit more cumbersome to buy on Craigslist but it is a must to consider when searching for where to buy Smurfs.


Independent Collector Blogs

One method used less often when searching for where to buy Smurfs is to find independent sellers from forums and collector blogs. If you are looking for exceptionally rare specimens, try asking collectors through forums or by commenting on blog posts. This method will take extra time but can be fruitful.

Remember that choosing this method will mean you are buying from professional collectors. As such, you will need to pay fair (if not top dollar) prices. If you find asking prices too high for what you want, consider offering trades of other Smurfs or other collectibles that the seller is seeking. Try visiting other collector blogs if you are seeking something more than Smurfs to collect.

This is the least used method when collectors seek where to buy Smurfs but if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere, hunt deeper.


Retail Locations and Garage Sales

Most retail locations that will carry Smurf figurines are antique or junk shops. It is common for the proprietors of these stores to be unaware of the true value of their collectibles. This could result in lower or higher prices. When considering where to buy Smurfs, remember that these stores typically allow customers to haggle and will adjust prices to move inventory. For these places, Smurfs are probably not regular sellers and you are likely some of the only interested customers. Use this to your advantage when buying.

Smurf figurines are going to be found (to a lesser degree) at garage sales. Most people got rid of their Smurfs long ago though, so it isn’t common to find them at yard sales much anymore. It’s always worth a shot when finding where to buy Smurfs so keep a lookout for sales in your neighborhood.


Smurfs are not the most common collectible out there. Use this list when searching for where to buy Smurfs to grow your collection.