If you own any teak furniture in your home, you will need to know where to buy teak oil for indoor furniture to keep your pieces looking beautiful for years to come. When most people think of teak, they think of a lovely hardwood, which is used by several manufacturers of furniture, plus as a great wood for some flooring applications and construction. A main reason teak furniture is so popular is the fact that it needs very little maintenance. Teak wood is even so durable that it is often passed on to future generations, having outlived its original owner.

Why Teak Oil is Needed to Keep Your Furniture Beautiful

You do, however, need to do some basic maintenance to keep the original finish and look of teak. To preserve its original beautiful finish, you’ll want to clean it and then purchase and apply teak oil two times a year to all pieces that you own. This oil is found naturally in teak wood, in the trunk especially. It is extracted from the trees themselves and then used to restore the original look of teak wood. This is because, whether you have outdoor furniture or indoor furniture made of teak, over the years it will start to lose its natural color and take on a grayish look. There are many protectors that you can buy which will slow this process down, but nothing will stop it completely. This is where the oil comes in, as it will help to restore the natural color and make your furniture appear like new, even if it is quite older.

Best Brands of Teak Oil

When you are researching looking for teak oil to restore your furniture, you’ll also want to know what brands are out there and which ones are the best to use. There are several good ones that you can choose from which are listed below.

Minwax – These products work to enhance the grains in your wood by penetrating deep into the pores, bringing back the natural richness and warmth of the teak. This oil is great for both outdoor and indoor furniture, plus for use on boat surfaces which are not below the water line. You can use this oil to periodically protect and refresh your woods which are denser and protect them from UV rays and moisture.

Watco – Watco is popular in Canada and also gives a water-resistant finish, which helps to give a longer life to your teak. This brand of oil will penetrate your furniture and give you the hand rubbed finish that you want. It is easy to apply because you can spray it on if you prefer not to wipe it on. It will also give you resistance to UV light and can be used on both outdoor and indoor furniture.

Star Brite – Star Brite offers their customers a three-step method to simplify the complicated task of restoring and protecting teak wood. Their three main products, the Premium Cleaner, Premium Brightener and Premium Oil are all designed to be used with teak to enhance the natural color and highlight the grain. These products will also give you an attractive finish that is long-lasting and their Sealer gives you the highest protection from UV damage plus other general surface wear. Plus, the Gel Cleaner/Restorer stops any messy drips from occurring when you are working on a vertical surface.

Osmo – A company based out of the UK, Osmo products are generally used for outdoor surfaces, but they also make an easy to apply spray that would be great for your furniture indoors. It is simple to apply and will protect your teak wood, plus bring its lustrous color back to its original golden tones.

You can also find other brands such as Cabot, which is one that originates in Australia.

Lemon Oil as an Alternative Solution

Some people choose to use lemon oil on their teak wood because they prefer the smell mainly. It will help protect and give a beautiful look to the wood It will also help to remove any stains plus prevent cracking. It is simple to use and will give your furniture a lovely scent as well.

Best Places to Buy Teak Oil

When you need this oil, you’ll want to know the various places where you can purchase it. Finding the best place for you will take some research on your part, but in the end it will be well worth it.

Buying Locally

The first place you can visit would be your local Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware store. These businesses should sell different popular brands of this valuable oil. Many people enjoy going to these places because they can physically see what they are buying and speak to employees about the best options. These people like to be able to compare the products before they buy, even if it means going to a few different places to find just the right product.

Boat Stores

You can also find this product at boating stores that sell spear fishing equipment, as people need to take care of the handle of the special tools used in the sport. Such stores as Blue Water Hunter have maintenance kits that would also work for your furniture. One kit in particular by Riffe is sold at quite a reasonable price and includes an oil which will soak deep into the wood, and the second oil included in this kit is actually used as a finishing agent. You’ll also get three grits of sandpaper so you can take out any small dings or scratches.


Amazon is one of the most popular sites to shop from. This site is extremely convenient because you can search through several different products, you can read about the product’s features, plus you can read a lot of customer reviews from people who have already tried the product out. You can even get free shipping from Amazon if you spend enough on one order. You may even be able to find bulk amounts of teak oil here to help you save more money over time.

Paint Stores

If you like to shop locally, you can also try your local paint stores such as Sherman Williams. They will have popular brands like Minwax and Watco, and their staff will be able to recommend which product would be the best for your furniture. Many people prefer shopping when they can physically see the products and compare them on site. Paint stores will have enough available options so that you can check out the different brands and prices, leaving you feeling confident in the end that you are choosing the right one.


If you are someone who likes to find a bargain and save every penny they can, then you might want to try the online auction site, eBay. This site is well established and has been around for many years, so you can feel confident that your purchases are safe. You can find whatever brand you want here, even harder to find ones, and you can find the best prices. Besides auctions, there is the option to “Buy it Now”, depending on the listing, which means you can purchase the item as soon as you see it instead of having to wait for the end of an auction. This feature can be quite beneficial if you won’t be around when the auction ends, if you need the item faster or if you don’t want to see the price increase from others bidding the item up.

As you can see, there are several quality brands that you can use to keep your teak furniture looking like new. Plus, when you are not sure where you need to go to purchase this beneficial oil, it won’t take you long to realize that the options are plentiful.