Vacuum bags are needed for many vacuums, however, they can be difficult to find depending on the model of the vacuum. For families with small children, vacuums can go through bags quickly and cost a lot of money to purchase month after month. Finding cheap vacuum bags will help save money in a tight economy. Here are a few places where you can find vacuum bags for a low price:

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Vacuum Manufacturer's Website

Most vacuum manufacturers will have a website where customers can purchase vacuum bags and other accessories for their vacuum. This option can be expensive, as the manufacturer knows that their customers will come to them for the vacuum bags so they raise the prices. You will also have to pay for shipping by purchasing the bags online. It is best to purchase in bulk when going with this option. Make sure that you purchase vacuum cleaner bags that can fit your vacuum. Returning items can be costly as the manufacturer will not reimburse you for shipping and you will have to pay for shipping the replacement bags. Purchasing from a vacuum manufacturer's website should be the last option. If a vacuum bag for your vacuum cannot be purchased using one of the methods below, then a vacuum manufacturer is the best option.

Dollar Store

Most people think of the dollar store as a place to buy cheap birthday cards and wrapping paper. Dollar stores sell much more than gift-wrap. You can buy everything from groceries to shampoo to toys. Many dollar stores will also sell vacuum bags. They usually carry bags for older models of vacuums but some of the bags are generic and can fit many different models. Even if you accidently buy a vacuum bag that does not fit your vacuum, you are not losing much money – only $1. Some cities have more than one dollar store so if you do not find what you are looking for at one store, check the next. Vacuum bags are extremely cheap at dollar stores.

Auction Sites

Auction sites such as eBay are a great place to find cheap vacuum bags. Many auctions will provide free shipping. Most of the auctions are for purchasing vacuum bags in bulk. Some auctions have a generous return policy if you accidentally purchase the wrong bags. Before making a bid, check the seller's rating. It is risky to purchase from a seller with bad ratings. Have a maximum price point in mind and do not go over that amount. You do not want to pay $100 for a vacuum cleaner bag. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the seller before you place a bid. It is also worth noting that you will need a PayPal account to pay for the bags. A PayPal account is free and is easy to set up. After you receive your bags, leave a ratting for the seller. This helps keep the sellers honest. Auction sites are the best way to bag a great deal on vacuum bags.

Retail Store

Retail and big box stores are the most common place to purchase vacuum bags. Places like WalMart, Target, K-Mart and Shopko sell both vacuums and vacuum bags. They are usually located in the house wares section of the store. Some stores might keep the bags in the cleaning isle. If you cannot find the vacuum bags, ask a store employee. They will be happy to help you find what you need. If the store carries the vacuum you have, they should sell replacement bags for it. Some stores will have sales on the bags so be sure to check out the fliers in the Sunday paper. Retail stores can be a very good place to find low-priced vacuum bags.

Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores will sell vacuum bags. They may not have a large selection of bags available. The vacuum bags will be located in the cleaning isle of the store. Just like retail stores, grocery stores will also offer promotions in the weekly Sunday paper. If there is a sale on bags and they are sold out, ask for a rain check. The store will call you when they have restocked the bags and you will still be able to get the low price. Next time you head out to get groceries, check their selection of vacuum bags. You may be surprised at what they offer.

Online Retailer

The best place to buy vacuum bags is through an online retailer like Amazon and Overstock. Amazon will offer the best prices on vacuum bags and they will offer free shipping if you spend enough money – usually $25 or more. They sell bags for just about all models of vacuum cleaners. The return policy on Amazon is very generous. Other online retailers also sell vacuum cleanr bags but they may or may not offer a return policy or free shipping.

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It does not matter which option you choose as long as you get a good deal on vacuum bags. To get the best deal, check out a variety of resellers. One retailer might have cheap vacuum cleaner bags for one person but another person may have to buy through a different retailer to get the best deal. It depends on the retailer and the model of vacuum you own.

A great option to consider is purchasing a bag less vacuum. Bag less vacuums do not use vacuum bags. They contain dirt canisters that are emptied when they get full. This may get messy depending on the model of the vacuum. Some vacuums contain smaller dirt canisters. When they get overfull, they will spill out when trying to empty them. Check out the reviews of many different bag less vacuums to get an idea of how easy it will be to empty the dirt cup.

For those choosing to keep a vacuum that uses vacuum cleaner bags, it is important to shop around to get the best deal available on vacuum bags.