Learning where to buy Wellness Dog Food for cheap is the first step in the process of ensuring that your dog receives the best possible nutrition. A well-balanced diet gives your dog a longer life filled with activity. When you provide dog food that has solid nutritional value, you ensure that you and your best friend will enjoy many years together.

What Makes Wellness Different?

Not all pet food is created equal. The next time you are at a dog food retailer, review the labels of some of the well-known brand name foods. You’ll find ingredients that you can’t pronounce and several others that you can’t identify. Confusing labels are causing increasing numbers of pet parents to seek natural pet food alternatives. Wellness is one of these alternatives. Their recognizable ingredients and use of natural preservatives can mean better health for your pet.

Wellness Ingredients

When you look at the label for a Wellness brand food, you’ll find that each food ingredient is probably something you wouldn’t mind seeing on a nutritional label for your own food. Ingredients like chicken, beef, pork, lamb, carrots, corn and sweet potatoes are all found on Wellness dog food labels. The company does not include any empty calories in their kibble and wet food recipes. Every ingredient serves a specific purpose that enhances your dog’s health and quality of life. Wellness is also a pet food manufacturer that you can trust all of the time. They extensively research each of their suppliers to ensure that their quality guidelines are always followed.

Dog Food with a Purpose

Each Wellness product will provide your dog with the basic nutritional requirements. That’s good news; especially since some major pet food brands overlook a few of the necessities. In Wellness products, you’ll find extra ingredients like glucosamine to help your dog’s joint health and omega fatty acids to improve their skin and coat condition. Probiotics are also frequently found on the ingredient list, and this natural additive is one that is often recommended by your vet.

Ingredients You Don't Expect

In Wellness Dog Food, you’ll find items like blueberries that provide valuable anti-oxidants and cranberries for a boost of healthy vitamin C. Flaxseed aids digestion and adds natural fiber while kelp naturally provides iodine. Of course, what you don’t find in these products is just as important. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Bone meal and byproducts are also absent. Sweeteners are also noticeably missing.

The Best Kibble

Dry recipes by Wellness are available in a multitude of varieties. Some are designed to help dogs keep up a healthy weight or help them manage medical conditions like diabetes. Still others assist dogs to avoid substances to which they are allergic. The vast majority of the kibble varieties are geared toward feeding a great many different dog breeds with the nutrition they require.

The Super 5 Mix Chicken variety is a particularly popular kibble. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging up to a bag that holds 30 lbs of food. This kibble includes grains as well as protein in addition to botanicals and herbs.

Where to Find Wellness Dog Food

Dog owners will find Wellness products at most pet care stores. They are also widely available at grocery stores that specialize in natural and organic items. However, perhaps the best way to shop for these goods is online. Shopping online provides an easy way to gain access to the greatest variety of flavors.


One of the Internet’s biggest retailers, Amazon sells everything you might need to care for your pet, including Wellness. When sold by the website itself, many of these products ship for free. Additionally, Amazon offers a subscription service that provides a five percent discount and free shipping. Users may create a delivery schedule and specify the quantities desired. The subscription service is quite flexible as it allows users to modify or cancel their delivery at any time without penalty. With this plan, dog owners never have to worry about running out of their pet’s favorite food.

Dog Food Direct

This family owned website specializes in providing quality items for your best friend. They are located in the Midwest, allowing them to ship items for delivery within about one or two days. In 1998, the website was established, and this active family that loves dogs hasn’t looked back since. They pride themselves on offering competitive shipping prices and low prices on the Wellness food they sell. Discounts are often available on large orders, and the personalized service this company provides makes them a welcome alternative to other websites. They also offer an automatic shipping plan. If you sign up for it, you may qualify for a discount.

Doggie Food

At the Doggie Food website, you’ll find only the finest brands of dog and cat care items. The company warehouse is located in North Kingston, Rhode Island, and they encourage locals to come by the site to pick up their supplies. If you aren’t in the Rhode Island area, the company will happily ship your order. When you purchase at least $50 worth of merchandise, shipping is free. At the warehouse, orders are processed seven days a week. Most packages are sent via UPS, enabling customers to track their order. This is a friendly, service oriented company that emphasizes quality pet care.

Hearty Pet

This easy to use website offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should your dog not enjoy the food they delivered, it can easily be returned for a full refund. This is another family run business, giving each transaction a personal perspective that most customers appreciate. They sell the full line of Wellness foods, including grain-free varieties, to ensure the longevity and health of your beloved pet.

When Quality of Life Matters

When your dog is healthy and active, they get more out of life and you get more out of your relationship with them. The right nutrition is a key component to ensuring that your dog enjoys every minute to the fullest. Food that provides all of the basic nutrients in addition to healthy additives like glucosamine and omega fatty acids promote joint health and better the condition of your dog’s skin and coat. Choose an all natural food like Wellness to demonstrate just how much you appreciate man’s best friend.