Today there are a great many people interested in making money be reselling products and participating in the e-commerce revolution yet do not know where to buy wholesale products for this purpose. The good news is that there is a greater supply of sources for these items than there has ever been before. Before we go into some of these sources specifically, let's look at the current state of e-commerce which is constantly evolving.

Today on websites such as ebay and even through classified sites such as a person can generate a significant amount of income reselling merchandise that they have purchased at wholesale prices. The stories are plentiful of people who started small ebay reselling businesses only to see their businesses take off. Such tales often end with the proprietor earning six or even seven figures a year from what was once a very small operation run out of the bedroom of their home. This is possible because there are a great number of sources of wholesale products from which an Ebay reseller can purchase merchandise.

Of course, there are other venues that allow an individual to resell merchandise as well. In recent years newer competitors such as and have emerged to challenge Ebay for the throne of the top online marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together. While none of its competitors have yet achieved EBay's level of success, the changes in the landscape of the marketplace have created a plentiful playing field for business minded individuals.

As I have also mentioned, many sellers are making money using local classified sites such as Craigslist as well. The advantages of a site like craigslist is that it is often free to list your item for sale. The downside, however, includes the fact that many local classified sites will not reach a worldwide audience like a major e-commerce website like Ebay will. But, as I have said before, the increased options give sellers advantages that they did not experience when Ebay was the only site in town.

Where to Buy Wholesale?

To succeed in the game of e-commerce it is essential that you find a wholesale source that meets a number of important requirements. These requirements include appropriate pricing and, most importantly, reliability. While it may seem that one can find a wholesale source that fulfills these two important requirements quite easily, the fact of the matter is that finding a wholesale source for an e-commerce business is a very challenging proposition.

In order to make money in e-commerce your results need to be repeatable. If you find a profitable item to sell on ebay, let's say, and you can make $3 on average in every transaction, it becomes imperative that you be able to repeat this transaction over and over. Obviously, one $3 profiting transaction is not going to impact your financial future, but if you are able to find a reputable wholesale source, you will be able to repeat this over and over again. The profits will begin to accumulate.

Right now there are a number of websites that sell wholesale directory lists. These wholesale directories will provide you with a list of wholesale companies who will work with resellers or Ebay sellers. Unfortunately, the quality of these wholesale directory sites vary drastically. Therefore, it becomes imperative that one do their homework. If a site sells a membership for $50 a month, you will need to find out, in detail, what exactly you will be receiving for your membership fee.

Unfortunately, many wholesale directories are not properly vetted and will include many "middlemen" which are not true wholesalers, but instead companies that buy from wholesalers and then sell to Ebay sellers after their own markup. Therefore, finding sources for your wholesale sources becomes an important factor in and of itself.

Fortunately, with the state of the internet as it is, it has become much easier to check a company's references. A quick check can yield a great deal of information about where to buy wholesale products safely and from reliable sources. Another piece of good news is that e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry that ordinary individuals can take part in. Because of this it is possible for any person to begin supplementing their income rather quickly and, if they possess the necessary dedication, to launch a successful business as reseller.