If you are looking for places to find wooden wine barrels there are several places that you can try. It is possible to find used barrels that range in quality from practically new to those ready to be repurposed for something completely different.

Where Can I Buy Wine Barrels?

If you are looking for wine-barrels for an outdoor project or general woodworking, a home improvement store or local nursery is likely to have a supply on hand. The stock that you find in a store like this will typically be of a quality that was not good enough for winemaking, but still plenty strong to use as a planter for many years. These wine-barrels also can be disassembled to use the individual staves for a woodworking project (e.g. wooden dog beds). You are most likely to find the large 60 gallon barrels at a retail outlet.

For high quality barrels fitting for a home brewer or microbrewery, the best place to look is at a winery nearby as they will constantly be rotating old barrel stock for new ones once the flavor is no longer to their standards. It is possible to find these barrels in many sizes, including the smaller 5, 10, or 30-gallon size that is perfect for home brewing.

Another place to check is a wine barrel distributor. There are businesses, especially near areas known for having vineyards like Napa Valley, that specialize in taking the used oak casks from wineries and reselling them to the general public. These dealers will have a well-rounded supply at various prices, and you can find casks that still are suitable for making fine wine.

It is even possible to find and buy wine barrels online on convenient sites like eBay or Amazon if you’re lucky. The only factor here might be the shipping cost.

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Reasons to Buy Wine Barrels

There are many things that wine barrels can be used for, and because they are made from sturdy oak that is kiln dried to last a long time, reusing them for another project is not only an environmentally friendly choice, but an economical one.

Barrels from a winery are often used for microbrewers or even homebrewers who want an authentic fermentation process in a genuine oak casks without the cost of new. These vessels can be used to brew wine or beer, depending on your taste.

Furniture is another common use of old-barrels, where the thick oak staves are used in various projects from making tables to chairs or even light fixtures. Since the wood is fine oak and often shows the modulation in color that comes naturally from oak and is enhanced from red wine, these pieces are very attractive.

Older oak barrels are used as decorations or, most commonly, as planters for vegetables or flowers. A wine cask planter will last for years - even with soil next to the wood - since the barrels were designed to take moisture and last.

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Where Barrels Come From

Wineries typically use a barrel for less than 3 years, and once the oak flavor that they seek begins to wear off, they retire the old oak casks in favor of new ones. The good news for home brewers is that you can add oak cubes to a batch of your own wine to restore the smoky oak flavor in your brew.

Some barrels just have small leaks, so the winemakers have to stop using them. Barrels also come from makers of bourbon or whisky, and are retired in the same way.

As you pick out your barrels, understand that one that is still suitable for making wine will cost much more than a half barrel planter at the local nursery. Also, white wine barrels will tend to cost slightly more than those used for red wine, as the oak of these casks is not stained, which suits some furniture makers. Regardless of whether you check a retailer, distributor, winery, or online site, you will easily be able to locate wine barrels for sale of various sizes and quality.