winter cycling shoes

Winter Cycling Shoes

A lot of people tend to gain more weight during winter. That is because they tend to do less and eat more in order to keep warm. Some people are even depressed during winter and just find solace in stuffing themselves with more food. If you like cycling, you will obviously not want to wait till the end of winter before you can enjoy your passion. That is why spending your hard earned cash on winter cycling shoes will be a good investment.

If you have never really cycled during winter, you will not appreciate how important winter cycling shoes are. It can be really painful cycling with freezing toes and fingers. Contrary to popular beliefs, cycling doesn't keep your toes and finger warm during winter. You will really need your winter cycling shoes if you are serious about cycling during winter.

Winter cycling shoes versus winter cycling shoe cover

Ok, you already have a pair of cycling shoes and you don't see the reason why you have to buy another pair of winter cycling shoes just for cycling during winter. That is a valid reason. A lot of people might not be keen on buying winter cycling shoes. If you are a serious rider, you will easily understand why you need winter cycling shoes.

On the hand, for mere mortals, you can also invest in winter cycling shoe cover. What is the difference between the winter cycling shoes and the winter cycling shoe cover? Well price is one thing that will make the difference apparent and on the other issue is about the word "cover". That means you will not be getting another pair of winter cycling shoes but a mere cover.

Where to buy your winter cycling shoes

Many online retailers offer winter cycling shoes or winter cycling shoe cover. Amazon for example, sells the DMT Corsa winter cycling shoe cover for $50. Cambria Bicycle Outfitter sells the Gaerne Eskimo Winter road cycling shoes for a cool $100. As you can see there is a big difference between winter cycling shoes and winter cycling shoe cover. You can get a cheaper black Pearl iZumi Barrier MTB winter cycling shoe for $60 at Eastern Mountain sports. Louis Garneau Lite Trainer winter cycling shoes is another option you can buy for $90 at Trivillage. If you want to pay even less for your winter cycling shoe cover, you can get a Teo Sport Windtex Winter cycling shoe cover for $30 on eBay.

Which should you buy, the winter cycling shoes or the winter cycling shoe cover?

If you have the money, you can buy the winter cycling shoes so you don't have to worry about covering up your shoe. If you already have cycling shoes and you don't want to spend a lot buying another pair of shoes, you can buy the winter cycling shoe cover. The most important thing is not to neglect your training just because winter is here. You will want to be in great shape when summer comes around hence, you need to be prepared either with winter cycling shoes or winter cycling shoe cover.