Christmas is very near and well, like every year there is a toy that stands out among the rest. This time the product that is in the eye of everyone is the Zhu Zhu pet hamster. But what are they?

Well, they are basically little hamsters that promise to bring you all the joy of taking care of a pet, but without the hassles (like their "poo poo" for example). This toy has proved to be very appealing for both parents and children. Why? Well, in the side of kids, they are finally getting the pet they wish. Parents, on the other hand can finally give their kids the pet they want without having to worry about the problem "living pets" give!

So how did they become so popular? After some research I found out that this product was first tested with a control panel of just children, and the makers found out how much kids loved this little plastic animals. Nowadays as Christmas gets nearer and nearer it is impossible to find them on stores.

You used to find them on toy stores and even on Wal-Mart, but now they've gone! Some people have resorted to Ebay to find the cute Mr Squiggles or Chunk. But well, prices have gone up very quickly in Ebay auctions and well, many of you won't be willing to pay what buyers are now asking with their bids!

Besides the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters, you can also find a lot of accessories that you can use with your pet, including special homes for the hamster and tubes to have lots of fun. Your kids will love it, but beware, due to shortage your wallet may not love it! One of the places you'll find is Amazon. Prices have gone up a bit though, with the shortage.

Mr Squiggles can be found at the price tag of $65, while Pipsqueek can be found at the price tag of $59.99. If you are looking for a hamster that comes along with the Funhouse set, be prepared to pay $162 for your gift.

But well, being a parent I know that paying a high price for a gift is nothing compared to see the face of joy in your children. What do you think. Will you buy a Zhu Zhu pet hamster for Christmas?