There are a few things you should consider before looking for where to buy a CR2032 Battery or any other lithium coin battery. It's a good idea to first find out which are the best brands and what accessories you might need. When buying a coin battery like this getting a good brand is very important as it could mean the difference between a destroyed electronic device and a safe one. Low quality batteries have a high chance of leaking battery acid, which can cause severe corrosion of contact plates and wiring and this sort of damage can be irreversible. So if you want to protect your devices make sure to educate yourself before making a purchase.

What Are Lithium Coin Batteries?

The CR2032 battery is a common type of 3 volt, lithium-based, coin-shaped battery. This type of battery is often used in small electronics devices like calculators, some watches and car door openers. They are also used in computers, where they are instead referred to as the 'CMOS battery'. In some cases you might come across a BR2032 battery instead and these make suitable replacements for the CR2032 as they have the same dimensions and voltage. They don't last as long but they are better at sitting unused for a long time and can withstand higher temperatures safely so if these things suit what you need then you may want to consider buying a BR2032 instead.

What Are the Best Brands for Lithium Coin batteries?


Duracell is one of the better known battery manufacturers and they do make lithium coin batteries in addition to their other household batteries. Duracell is rated quite well in terms of quality and for most applications they make a fine battery.


Energizer is Duracell's main competition in the household battery market. Like Duracell, they make excellent batteries that suite most types of applications. The two brands are essentially interchangeable since they are so similar in performance and quality.


In addition to making electronics Sony also make batteries to suite some of their products. Sony is particularly adept in producing high quality rechargeable batteries for home use. This can be handy if you have a high-drain device or have children that go through a lot of batteries.


Similarly to the Duracell vs. Energizer situation, Panasonic is the brand in most direct competition with Sony. Panasonic also make great recharging batteries packs. Again, these two brands are essentially interchangeable so you can opt for whichever is easier to find or is cheaper.

Maxell Lithium Batteries Pack

Maxell is a lesser-known brand but they actually make some of the highest quality batteries on the market. The reason for their lesser-known status is because they primarily specialize in very specific electronics niches. When you are looking for lithium coin batteries this is actually a really good thing since that is exactly the type of product that Maxell specializes in. If you can manage to find Maxell products in a store you should go for them over the other brands. Maxell also sells through their website if you wish to order from the comfort of your own home.

Where to Buy a CR2032 Lithium Battery

Electronic Accessory Suppliers

This is the first choice for most people for electronics products but although it is convenient it can be quite expensive for often needed products like the CR2032. If you are in a hurry then this is your best option but if you want to find better brands at cheaper prices, then you should examine one of the following options.


Walmart retail many products in bulk and they offer great prices too. It is possible to get a heap of coin batteries at Walmart for really cheap, however, these are usually lower quality products and have the potential to damage your electronics. If you need a lot of batteries for not-so-precious products then Walmart is a good option, otherwise stick to one of the other options given below.

Online Retailer Tesco

Tesco is one of the best sellers of electronics and other home products online and you can get some really great products at decent prices. If you buy a few other products in one go you can get free shipping too so this option can end up being very profitable.

Online Through Amazon and EBay

Your next option is to search through online sellers like Amazon and eBay. The biggest advantage of these sellers is that you can read through customer reviews on each product before you buy. This lets you get a really good idea on whether they may have any quality issues or not. If you have the time to wait for delivery then this is your best option in terms of both price and brand.

Additional Accessories that You Should Consider

Batteries Charger

If you are going through CR2032s at a rapid pace it can end up getting quite expensive to keep replacing them. It can be a great investment in the long run to get a charger with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are pretty common in standard sizes like AA and AAA but can be a bit harder to find in coin sizes. As such, your best option for finding one is through the Maxell website or through Amazon and eBay.

Battery Holder

Another good idea is a battery holder as this will help keep children safe and will also protect your batteries from weather and air moisture. The best choice in battery holders is a closable case (which can be either fabric or plastic with a fabric liner) and preferably with a latch that is not easily opened by children, which, if you read on you will find out is very important.

Precautions With CR2032 Batteries

These small batteries have been known to cause a large number of serious injuries in small children. Because of their size and tendency to be located in some toys they can sometimes end up being swallowed by the children. Once ingested the battery can choke the child or can corrode causing poisonous acid to leak into the child's digestive system. As such, before you even think about where to buy a CR2032 battery, make sure you have a safe place to store them.