Handheld Tape Recorders

Whether you are heading back to high school or college it is very beneficial to buy a handheld tape recorder. Using handheld tape recorders can help you improve your grade point average and performance on tests because you are able to record all of the information the instructor or professor is lecturing. Some students feel a little bit embarrassed that they either want or need to use a tape recorder for lectures, but it is better to use one than miss important information and have your grades fail because of it. If you are a little unsure of using handheld tape recorders then have a conversation with your high school instructor or college professor. Many professors make themselves available through email, so you can always send an email inquiring about the best way to use a handheld tape recorder in class. Email is a good contact idea, especially if you have school anxiety. Ask them if they care that you set the tape recorder up front, perhaps even on their podium or lecturing stand to ensure you get the best recording.

Tape Recorder or Digital Voice RecorderBuying the Cheapest Tape Recorder for Class

Buying the handheld tape recorder is the cheapest or most affordable option for many students. The more expensive voice recorders are called digital voice recorders and they are great gadgets for students. They have more attributes than the handheld tape recorder. The main difference between the handheld tape recorder and the digital voice recorder is that the handheld tape recorder uses a removable tape. These digital voice recorders are advantageous because they can record for longer amounts of time, some of them with a recording time of several hundred minutes. As well, the digital voice recorders can hook up through a USB port to your desktop computer or laptop to exchange or copy recorded information to the computer. These handheld recorders are limited in that they are usually 60 or 90 minutes long, which is fine if you have several tapes that you carry with your, or in your messenger bag, for class. Usually a class is no more than 50 minutes long except for some night classes in college. But, even then, the class is not all the way through without a break, so you would have the chance to change your tape if you had it sitting up at the podium with the instructor. Of course, if your handheld tape recorder picks up sounds well then you do not have to worry about where you sit.

Making a decision about whether you want to buy a handheld tape recorder or a digital tape recorder comes down to ease of use, convenience, and the price. Depending on where you buy the handheld tape recorder, you might be able to get a digital voice recorder for around the same price. But, the tape recorder is more straightforward and simple to use. You put the microcassette in and push record, and then you change the tape when it is full. If you buy the cheapest digital voice recorder you will get a longer recording time and some other features that can be complicated for some.

Cheapest Handheld Tape Recorders

There are a couple of stores where you can do your shopping to buy the cheapest handheld tape recorders. These stores will also have the cheapest digital voice recorders. At the very lowest price point, the cheapest handheld tape recorder and the cheapest digital voice recorder may cost the same. There are a couple of brands to look for when buying the cheapest handheld tape recorder. One tape recorder brand is Olympus. There are many Olympus tape recorders available. Another is Sony tape recorders. You can buy several types of Sony digital voice recorders. And, one other is the Panasonic tape recorder. One of the stores to buy the cheapest handheld tape recorder is Walmart. Walmart tape recorders are cheaper than at many other stores. They carry both the affordable handheld tape recorder and digital voice recorder. Another place to get the cheapest handheld tape recorders is Amazon. They usually have prices that rival any other the lowest priced stores.

Buying the cheapest handheld tape recorder will help you do well in class. Whether you are shopping for first year college supplies or are a returning student, this is still a must have school supply. If you are on an IEP for high school or you are need ADA accommodations in college for a learning disability or other type of disability you can often borrow a tape recorder from the college's disability office. You will have to sign a form to borrow it, but that is one way to save money on a handheld tape recorder. It is usually the cassette recorder and not the digital tape recorder, but when it is free to use that is usually what matters when you want to know where to buy the cheapest handheld tape recorder.

Handheld Tape Recorder Tip

One other place that is good for buying the cheapest handheld tape recorder is at the thrift store or second hand store. This is one place where you can buy a cheap handheld or digital tape recorder. Buying tape recorders at the thrift store is hit and miss as far as their inventory, but when you want to save money that is one of the first places to check. At Goodwill, they have an electronics department, so you can either call or go in there and ask them specifically for the handheld tape recorder or digital recorder instead of trying to search through all their items.

Using the handheld tape recorder or a digital voice recorder is very smart. If you are the student who is buying one then you know or will know how helpful it is to have a tape recorder in class with you. If you are a parent then buying a handheld tape recorder or a digital voice recorder is a great back to school gift. Even if the person has already started class, the tape recorders still make great gift ideas. You can buy a cheap handheld tape recorder or voice recorder while they are on sale during back to school sales and then save them for Christmas presents, birthdays, or other holiday gifts. Buying a tape recorder and putting it inside a new, affordable messenger bag or Kindle cover is the perfect gift for someone. Students are not the only ones who use these voice recorders, as they are great gifts for anyone who wants to remember something.