Savings Can Be Found for This Popular Line of Doll Clothing and Accessories

American Girl doll clothing and accessories can be quite pricey, but there are many ways to get them for less. These historically based dolls and their accompanying book series have been popular with elementary school girls for almost twenty years. Anyone with a daughter or granddaughter knows that not only are the dolls expensive, but it can cost more to cloth them than an actual girl!

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Using these tips and tricks, you will be able to find clothing and accessories for less.

Go to Outdoor Craft Fairs 

On a beautiful fall or spring day, take your daughter and your wallet to a craft fair. There are American Girl clothing patterns, and many a talented seamstress sews outfits to sell at fairs. There are benefits of buying doll clothes at a craft fair. You can actually touch and feel the merchandise, and many of these outfits are unique. Better yet, by buying locally, you are helping someone launch their own home business. One of my daughter’s favorite outfits for her Kit doll was bought at our township street fair.

During inclement weather, you can find 18 inch outfits on Etsy as well.

Check Out Online Auctions 

There are many teenage girls who are selling their outgrown dolls, outfits and accessories to earn money. My own daughter made a tidy sum of money selling her collection when she was a teenager. Since these items are older, chances are they are no longer available in the catalogue. eBay and Craig’s List are popular places to find gently used merchandise. Some people sell them one outfit at a time and others sell them in lots. You can get a lot of clothing for a little money if you do your research. There are sellers who also use the "Best Offer" option so that s/he is flexible with a sale price.

Buy Other Brands of Doll Clothing That Fit These Dolls

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Because of the expense of brand new American Girl doll clothing, smart manufacturer’s came out with their own line of clothing that fits eighteen inch dolls-the size of all American Girl dolls. Target has it’s own My Generation line of doll clothing that fits not only their dolls, but this collection. There are other online retailers such as Amazon that also sell eighteen inch doll clothing produced by other companies.

Yard Sales

I have not only found American Girl dolls and accessories at yard sales, I have also bought these dolls for a fraction of the price! Yard sales are hit and miss. If you go to a large neighborhood yard sale, chances are you will find older girls selling their childhood stuff for money to buy teenage stuff.

American Girl Website

Not everything at the website is off the charts expensive. They do have sales. Clearance outfits and accessories can be had a fraction of the price. In order to find out what the latest online deals are, sign up to receive emails from them.

Promotional Codes

Also available for you to use to get outfits for less are online promotional codes. Placed in a special box when you are ready to check out, you will receive and additional discount on your purchase. Promo codes can be found at websites such as

Dressing American Girl dolls in clothingand accessories that cost less isn’t a difficult task. You just need to know where to look.