Finding an antique punch bowl is not as hard as you think.  If you love the look of the old crystal or cut glass or even silver punch bowls, and would like to include them at your next gathering or party, then here are a few places you can try to find one.

Garage Sales – This is the easiest place to start, and probably the cheapest.  As punch bowls were a big wedding gift item or house warming item, especially in the 70s, you are bound to find some kicking around garage sales, even the older vintage ones.

Check to make sure the bowl is in good condition and that all the cups are included, as many times the cups get separated out and are put into everyday usage.  Finding one with all the hooks and cups is most important if you want a complete set for your collection or for your dinner party or gathering.

Silver punch bowls were very popular too, and if you don’t mind shining up some old silver, these are a great find as well. 

Look for garage sales with lots of kitchen and dining accessories.  These are usually found when older people are downsizing and need to get rid of household contents, as these bowls take uAntique Punch Bowlsp room.  I have seen many garage sales with countless party accessories, new and vintage on long tables, and usually the antique punch bowl is amongst them.

Estate Sales – These can be a great source for vintage and antique items, as houses and their contents are sold off from the older generation who may have kept items such as punch bowls.

Check your local paper for garage sales that may include serving and kitchen items as well as listings for estate sales.  In both cases you can get some good deals, especially on items that are not that popular anymore. 

Although the punch bowl is making a comeback now especially with all the cool punch recipes you can try now, there are still many people who have kept them in their basements in the original boxes which is perfect for you as the buyer.

Antique Stores – Take a drive out on a nice weekend to the countryside and check out the countless antique stores for vintage crystal punch bowl sets.  You will pay more for them at an antique store, but chances are you will get a complete set with all the glass cups and hooks and the ladle.

The ladle itself could be worth more than the entire set depending on what it is made of.  The ladles tend to sell for more at antique stores. 

Ebay – Many people will sell of goods they no longer want online.  Online sites such as Ebay are a good place to start, but if you want to buy online you may be better off with the antique silver punch bowl sets instead of the cut glass or crystal sets, as the silver will be much easier to ship without breakage. 

Friends and Family – If you really want an older vintage or antique punch bowl then put the word out amongst your friends and family.  Chances are someone has one or knows someone who has one in their basement somewhere.

If you find a great vintage punch bowl, but it is missing a ladle or cups but you absolutely love it, get it.  You can always find the cups and ladle separate and you may get a better price this way.