Carpet squares are becoming increasingly popular with do-it-yourself fans for their ease of installation and ability to change the look of a room for very little money. Renovators on a budget can still save money by buying cheap carpet squares in a variety of places. It may take a bit of time and patience to find a great deal on cheap carpet squares, but there are plenty of deals available!

Cheap Carpet Squares in Local Stores

Cheap carpet squares can be found at many local flooring retailers. Carpet tiles go in and out of style just like any other product. Last year's hot color or pattern may suddenly be not so trendy as decor magazines flaunt the next big thing. Many of these items are steeply discounted and can be found locally. Occasionally carpeting manufacturers go out of business or are stuck with a surplus of inventory. Local retail shops can purchase these bulk lots and pass the savings onto consumers. Sometimes there are limited amounts of colors or styles left and the shop will heavily discount these because not many people can work with small amounts of the same tiles. This is a great way to land cheap carpet squares for the creative remodeler! With a little imagination, many colors and styles can be used together to create a truly unique floor. Most people are not daring and are too traditional to try a bold design. This can mean big savings for those who embrace such a challenge.

Local stores can also be great sources for carpet remnants. With a simple utility knife a skillful shopper can create cheap carpet squares on demand. A large piece of carpet can be purchased and 12 x 12 inch squares cut from it. These can be joined by seam tape and offer the same modular look as individually manufactured tiles at a fraction of the price.

Craigslist as a Source for Cheap Carpet Squares

Cheap Carpet Squares

The ads on craigslist can be a great place to find cheap carpet squares. Often people buy large quantities because they need more of a certain color. Other colors and patterns in the assortment may go unused and people will try to sell them online. This is a great way to find some cheap carpet squares. People occasionally buy large quantities and then change their minds about using them and list them on in an ad for pennies on the dollar of original retail. Check for carpet tiles often!

Internet Retailers That Sell Cheap Carpet Squares

Much in the same way that discontinued styles or colors end up in the hands of local retailers, they also end up being listed on sites like and Amazon. Many shoppers use bulk wholesalers to buy cheap carpet squares because they are easy to box and ship unlike traditional bulky carpet rolls. Both of these sites can be great sources for inexpensive tiles.

Modular carpeting has the same stain resistance, style and wearability as traditional carpeting but it also has other benefits. Self-adhesive carpet tiles offer easy and low cost of carpet installation. Brands like FLOR by Heuga tiles can make a remodel project quick and easy. They can even be used as a cheap doormat to increase curb appeal. If this is beyond a renovator's budget, then cheap carpet squares can still be bought or made with a bit of skill and patience. No matter what budget there are indoor tiles and even garage floor carpet squares. Flexibility with design and color schemes can allow a project to be finished with little money by utilizing odd and small lot size cheap carpet squares.