You Can Find Inexpensive Disney Costumes for Your Child

For some people, spending a hundred dollars on their child’s Halloween costume is not big deal, but for those who are budget conscious, there are many places where you can find cheap Disney Halloween costumes.

Disney has a stronghold on the Halloween costume market, as they are geniuses at marketing. Your daughter can dress from head to toe exactly like her favorite Disney princess. From an authentic replica of the princess’ gown worn in the movie to a perfectly coiffed wig, your daughter can be Ariel, Snow White, Tiana, Belle, or any other princess of her choice.

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Use the following strategies to get cheap Disney Halloween costumes for your son or daughter.

Go to a Discount Retailer

Not all Disney Halloween costumes are alike. Retailers such as Walmart, Target and Kmart sell Disney dress up clothes, but they are not considered “authentic” (however, they are licensed to sell them.) An authentic Disney Store Halloween costume will have the word “authentic” right on the label.

If your child does not care if her Mulan ensemble or his Buzz Lightyear get up is the real deal, then go to a discount retailer. In fact, the longer you wait, the better the sale will be. By choosing to wait, you risk not getting what you want. Save your receipt for a price adjustment, as most stores have a two week policy of giving you the lower price within that time frame.

Buy Your Costume on November First

Another strategy for getting inexpensive Disney Halloween costumes is to buy it the day after Halloween. Many years ago, I bought my daughter a Jasmine princess outfit at Walmart for ten dollars with all of the accessories. It would have cost me much more than that if I had bought it before the holiday.

The Disney Store used to wait until November first to reduce the price of their Halloween costumes. During the past few years, prices have been cut in half by mid-October in order to clear the sales floor. Save yourself gas and time…call ahead before you make a trip to your local Disney Store to find out their discounts. You can also find many online deals and discounts on dress up attire at this store before the big holiday arrives. Coupon codes are always available!

Dress Up as an Older Character

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Most children want to dress up as the latest, most popular characters. However, savings are plentiful if your child want to dress up as last year's most popular character. These outfits are often significantly less expensive than the latest items in the store.

Buy Off Season

One of the smartest strategies for getting a cheap Halloween costume is to buy them off season. People are selling costumes year round on eBay, and you can snag a deal now while people are not thinking of the fall holiday. If the costume you want is not there, just sign up for an eBay alert and they will email you when one becomes available.

I have bought my daughters Disney costumes this way, and when they outgrew them, we resold them on eBay and they kept the money.

Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

While going to yard sales and thrift stores is a hit or miss strategy for finding cheap Disney costumes, it is one that works. At yard sales, I have found a Minnie Mouse dress up ensemble for my younger daughter for one dollar, as well as a Cinderella costume for a dollar, complete with shoes and gloves!

If you enjoy going to yard sales, then be on the lookout for any Disney Store costumes. Anything under five dollars is a steal!

Family and Friends

Because most of my friends were done having kids before my twins were born, they love to get rid of their things and give them to me, and that includes Disney costumes! My son has been given Jack Sparrow and Woody outfits, complete with accessories.

A good friend or family member will let you borrow what you need. Most people are happy to give things to people they know, knowing that their purchase will be used again and make another child happy. All you have to do is ask!

Finding cheap Disney Halloween costumes is easy if you know where to look!