Online – Don’t forget about online stores.  You can get brand new items for cheap if you compare prices and shop around.  When it comes to cheap gazebos, the simpler the design the cheaper it will be. 

Get More for Less

If you are just looking for s simple shelter to keep the sun off you while in your yard or barbequing, then check online for some great deals at sites such as Amazon.  You could end up with a new one for not too much. 

If you are trying to find affordable ones for sale, here are a few other places you can try.

Estate Sales – These can be a goldmine for cheap stuff especially yard furniture.  Many times people have downsized to smaller places and don’t need this yard item, or the family is trying to sell off all the contents, inside and outside of a relative’s house. 

Many times they just want things gone, and if you notice, that they are using a gazebo to display items for sale, you can ask if it would be possible to buy this when they are finished with it.  They may be glad to get rid of it.  You can offer to take it down afterwards this will help to secure you a better price.

Downsizing Sales – This is a type of garage sale in a way.  Basically you may have older people whose kids have flown the coop and they are looking to get rid of a lot of things from their home.  The may have already sold the house and found a condo or something smaller and they don’t need any of the yard things anymore.  You see these types of sales advertised around town or in the paper.

This is a great way to find cheaper things as well as many other garden items.  I once found a great deal on a lawnmower and garden tools as well as some outdoor furniture from someone moving to a townhouse from a larger house.

So, be ready with some cash, you may find more than just a cheap gazebo and outfit your own garden or yard for much less.  I think of this as recycling!

Classified Ads – If you want something a bit bigger or more lavish in styling and don’t want to buy new, then consider checking the classified ads.  You may find people who purchased a gazebo for an event or have done some upgrading and renovations to their home in such a way that they no longer need a gazebo. 

You may get a great deal.  I have seen ads, where people have stated, “you take it down” in their ads. 

You get people who are building houses, or renovating that will have a large gazebo outdoors as well, and once they are done their home, they want to get rid of it as it served its purpose.  I know when we were building our house we had one set up for a “kitchen tent” for breaks etc.  So, check your local classified ads or free local ads for any cheap gazebos for sale.

Reuse or Dump – I know this doesn’t conjure up pretty images, but many people throw things out when they are ripped.  I have seen gazebo frames in the dump and reuse center because the canopy ripped.  You can purchase canopy replacement kits for quite cheap online.  As long as you know the size of the framework you can get replacement kits. 


This would be a great way to recycle and end up with an “almost new” and yet cheap gazebo for much less.  Not everyone thinks to reuse or recover.  There are lots of replacement kits on the market, you can get just the roof canopy or you can also purchase full mosquito netting side wall kits for a basic frame.

So, if you are looking for cheap gazebos for sale, there are some options out there.  Keep the above places in mind and go shopping.  Also see setting up a gazebo bar and grilling station.