Finding Cheap Ipods is Easier than you Think

Apple's Ipod is the world's most popular mp3 player. It has a sleek design, sturdy housing, large storage space, and an increasing number of extra features in addition to its ability to play music. Directly from Apple's online store or from one of their retail branches, the Ipod can be expensive. Here are a few options to consider when you are looking for the best price. 

Amazon Marketplace

On, you can buy ipods through the marketplace. Some of these ipods are used, some are refurbished (meaning that Apple has taken a broken ipod and repaired it), and some are actually new. Before buying an ipod through the Amazon Marketplace, however, make sure to check the seller's rating. Look for sellers that have few, if any, negative reviews. 


Like the Amazon Marketplace, you can find used, refurbished, and new ipods on Ebay. Again, check reviews of the seller and if possible, view pictures of the item that is being sold. While Ebay is typically viewed as an auction site, you can also buy products directly without bidding and some sellers on Ebay also offer free shipping. 


Apple sells refurbished Ipods directly. While refurbished Ipods from Apple may be somewhat more expensive than those from other sources, Apple provides a one year warranty for their refurbished ipods and they ensure that all of them have new batteries and outer cases. 

Buy an Older Generation Ipod

There are ipod nanos, shuffles, and now there is the ipod touch. Each Ipod goes through several iterations, which generally include new features, larger storage space, and longer battery life. However, if you do not need 16 gigabytes of space, and can do with 8, or if you do not need video playing capabilities, you can buy an older generation ipod for sometimes as much as half the cost. The best place to purchase older generation ipods is through the Amazon Marketplace and Ebay. 

Buy an Ipod the Old Fashioned Way

While this article has been primarily directed towards online shopping, sometimes your best option for finding a cheap Ipod is to visit an actual retailer. Stores like Walmart and Best Buy sell Ipods and often have deals, especially when a new generation of Ipod hits the shelves.

Ipods don't have to be expensive. If you buy a new one directly from Apple, you are probably paying more than you should. If you spend a little bit of extra time searching, you will find an Ipod at a reasonable price.