If you are moving into a new apartment or house and are lacking furniture but don't have the budget to buy new furniture, then look for ways to find cheap sofas. The living room is probably one of the first places you would like to furnish, aside from your bedroom. It may not be fun to have your first house guests sitting on your living room floor because you don't have a sofa yet.

Spread the Word through Friends and Family
Let your friends and family know that you've just moved into a new place that may be a little lacking in the furniture department. You may be surprised to find friends or family members who have an extra sofa taking up space in their garage that they've completely forgotten about! Offer to pay for the sofa, but hopefully, they will just let you have it for free.

This website has become known for hidden treasures. When you want to find a cheap sofa, Craigslist may have just what you are looking for. Consider checking the "Free" section of your local Craigslist where you may be able to find the cheapest kind of sofa - a free one! When you look for furniture for sale, consider putting in a "Max Price" to narrow down the listings that are displayed. If you aren't finding anything suitable in your location, consider broadening your search to major cities nearby. Craigslist is being updated constantly, so while you may not find a cheap sofa today, there's always a chance that a suitable one will be posted tomorrow.

Thrift Stores
Thrift stores such as the Goodwill and Salvation Army typically have cheap sofas available. Hunt down your local thrift stores and plan a visit with a price range in mind. Sometimes the thrift stores will have whole living room sets available or just a couch or love seat. You might even find some good bargains on other household furniture while you are there!

Target, Kmart, Big Lots, Etc...
If buying a used sofa is not quite up your alley, then consider getting furniture from Target, Kmart or other comparable stores. A lot of these stores have begun stocking furniture to cater to people who want new and affordable pieces. These stores will be a lot cheaper than going to a furniture store, so check them out first.

Making Used Sofas Look New Again
If you do find a bargain at any of the places above, but the upholstery on the sofa is making you cringe, then consider getting sofa covers. A good, sturdy, and comfortable sofa can be made to fit into your house decor simply by covering it with a sofa slipcover. Most sofa slipcovers are washable which makes caring for your new look that much easier.