ApplianceThere are a number of options available for finding cheap washers and dryers for sale. The least expensive option is asking a friend or relative for their old unit when they purchase a new one. While somewhat bruising on the ego, it is easily the most affordable method as it is essentially free. Just a little time and manpower and you will have a perfectly serviceable washer and dryer.



An Inexpensive Washing Machine Solution

Portable and Rugged

Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine - White
Amazon Price: $329.99 Buy Now
(price as of May 18, 2016)
With an 11 lb. capacity, this appliance can handle some heavy loads. It also has * presets and will save you money on water bills with four water level controls.

An Inexpensive Clothes Dryers

Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer
Amazon Price: $396.24 Buy Now
(price as of May 18, 2016)
Mount this unit on the wall right above your washing machine for a quick and easy laundry day. With electric power, it can be used in any apartment, dorm room or even pool house.

Some Good Opportunities to Find Cheap Washers and Dryers

Despite your best efforts, you may find that these opportunities are few and far between. If you or your family are in immediate need of a washer or dryer, you probably can’t afford to wait. Instead, you can peruse the ads of appliance dealers and look for sales but they are not always the most affordable way to go.

Instead, here are some places, from the least to most expensive, where you can find some cheap washers and dryers for sale.


Garage & Estate Sales

Buyer Beware

Time and effort are the real costs in finding cheap washers and dryers at garage and estate sales. If you have the time, they offer a significant discount on the actual cost of an appliance. Obviously, some prudence is dictated when purchasing in this manner.

The appliances at these sites will most probably have been put through the ringer. It is essential that you see them function properly before you buy as it is rarely worthwhile trying to fix a cheap washer or dryer unless that is your business. A disconnected appliance should only be purchased as scrap.

Still, there are deals to be had at garage and estate sales especially if the previous owner has recently passed. The new owners are most likely trying to sell everything as quickly as possible. Also, keep an eye on Craig list or the neighborhood newspaper for exactly this type of opportunity. Many sellers are simply trying ot make space or clean up a property for sale. The money is a bonus to them and the real value is that you will take the item off their hands. These deals go fast and must be seized at the first opportunity.


Scratch and Dent Sales

Excellent Value on Washers and Dryers

The big box retailers are hit or miss when it comes to scratch and dent sales. Individual store managers decide these issues and it is pure luck if you happen to find the appliance you need marked down because it was damaged or was a floor model.

Sears is an exception to this rule and operates Sears Outlet stores, also known as Sear Scratch and Dent Warehouses, in many cities across the country. Instead of selling their damaged or floor model appliances piecemeal, they aggregate them in one place for the convenience of their bargain hunting customers.

In addition, as usual with Sears, the appliances have a warranty. Any appliance that has never been installed will have an “as new” warranty while reconditioned units will be covered by the Sears Outlet Certified guarantee. This  option is an excellent alternative if you don’t mind a few, minor cosmetic flaws.


Walmart & Amazon

The Conveninet Choice for Cheap Washers and Dryers

Walmart is the king of retail discount shopping but Amazon is closing the gap quickly. Both retailers offer some spectacular deals on cheap washers and dryers for sale. In particular, Walmart has the Danby 10-lb. TwinTub Clothes Washer on sale for under $250 and a Haier 2.6 cu. ft. Compact Tumble Dryer for under $300. These items are new, guaranteed and are perfect for a couple or a family with one or two small children.

Amazon also offers two excellent products in the same price range.  The Avanti White 9 Lb. Top Load Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine and the Haier HLP140E 2-3/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Tumble Vented Dryer can both be had for around $550 combined. Amazon also offers financing and free shipping for items such as these. In many cases, this is the most affordable route for cash strapped families.


Medium and Big Box Retailers

The Dependable Choice for Washers and Dryers

The last place to find cheap washers and dryers for sale is at the local bog box department stores. Admittedly, you will not finds the deals described above but these stores offer a convenient and, yes, affordable way to solve your clothes cleaning problems. The secret is to couple the use of the in-store incentives with those of the manufacturers.

In most instances, you will have to buy the “house” brand as those are the ones on which these retailers can offer the best deals.

The last benefit to the retail vendors is that they offer an array of services such as delivery, installation and servicing that may be of use to the non-mechanically inclined. Washing machines and dryers are among the easiest of appliances to install but some consumers are just more comfortable letting a professional do the job.


The Bottom Line

The purchase of cheap washers and dryers for sale can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. A little knowledge and a measure of effort can result in significant savings. Still, convenience and time are also worth something. Be sure that any effort you make is reasonably well rewarded and you should be satisfied with your purchase. Lastly, remember the age-old adage as it is true in the vast majority of cases, "You get what you pay for."

An Affordable and Space Saving Combo

This is a Great Deal on A Cheap Washer and Dryer Set

Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin Stacked Washer/Dryer Electric Laundry Center
Amazon Price: $999.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 18, 2016)
Compact but with plenty of power, this combo will give years of dependable service. Priced at less than comparable separate models.