Diggerland USA Coupons are Available for Summer 2019

Children have always had a fascination with digging and machinery.  They can spend hours with a shovel digging their way to China.  When they walk or drive by a construction site, they can stay for the longest time, mesmerized by the cranes, front loaders, cherry pickers and other large trucks.  Bob the Builder has been a favorite children’s program for years for this very reason.  And who doesn’t have fond memories of playing with their Tonka trucks?

In England, Hugh Edeleanu, who was the largest supplier construction machinery for hire in Europe. He had the idea of creating a children’s theme park based on these machines after having families attend an Open House and the kids had a ball sitting in the construction machinery.

In April 2000, he opened a theme park with one concept in mind-all rides and attractions had to be construction based.

This concept has now come “across the pond”, as Diggerland USA has now opened in the southern New Jersey town of West Berlin. Located right next to Sahara Sam's Indoor Water Park, this new family park looks like another way for South Jersey and Pennsylvania families to have quality time and fun together.

What Can Find at Diggerland USA?

There are many fun things for kids and adults to do once they go to the park.  Most of park amusements are made from modified JCB heavy construction equipment pieces. For example, instead of a carousel, there is a Diggeround, where there are construction vehicles instead of horses and carriages and the Sky Shuttle is an elevated Telehandler. The Spin Dizzy does just that-it spins you in the air at a great elevated height!

Adults can ride on the Giant Diggers, which are excavation machines, while children use the smaller versions of this attraction.  It is like a Tonka truck has come to life! There are several other digger attractions for children to use and keep them happily busy for hours!

In addition to the rides, there is a Kids Zone just for younger children to play in.  For older kids and adults, there is a Rock Wall and a Ropes Course. There is even the Excavator Express, which is like a train ride.  Just sit back, relax, and take a tour of the park. This venue even has an arcade for those who like to play these kinds of games.

With so much fun in one place, kids will want to visit Diggerland USA again and again. Here are some ways to get discounts on your trip to the park.

Discounts and Coupons to Diggerland USA

The best discount is that parking is free!  No forking over ten to twenty dollars just to have your car sit in a lot.

Check out the Groupon website and see what discounts are available.

Because the park is new, there are several promotions taking place on their Facebook page and in their Twitter feed.  Free ticket contests and giveaways have been appearing as Opening Day approaches.

Coupons for Diggerland have appeared in residential mailboxes,so if you have a friend in the area, ask them to hold onto these coupons for you. Local residents should also be on the lookout for coupons in the Clipper Magazine, the Courier Post and the Burlington County Times.  There is always the potential for a Groupon, so sign up to get your offers so you can snatch one up if it becomes available.

There are some discounts off the regular admission price.  Seniors over 65 and children under 36 inches are admitted for free.  AAA members are entitled to a discount, as well as members of our military and those who are first responders.  Straight “A” report cards and those having a birthday will also pay less for their admission. You will need to bring proof of eligibility to receive any of these Diggerland discounts.

If you have visited Sahara Sam’s, the indoor water park that is next door, you will receive $8.00 off your full day admission ticket. Annual pass holders to Sahara Sam’s need to bring in their pass to get the same $8.00 discount.

Building and digging has never been this much fun! Now you can do it for less with discounts and coupons to Diggerland USA!