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If you are like most people planning a trip to Las Vegas, you will want to see at least one show; unfortunately, however, Vegas nightlife can be expensive.  Many people wonder if it is possible to find discount Las Vegas show tickets.  The answer is yes … for most shows. 

The minute you arrive on the Vegas strip, one of the most dramatic sights you will see are all the giant electronic billboards promoting singers, comedians, dancers, magicians and other entertainers that are performing that night on one of the spectacular Vegas stages.  Some of them are entertainers that you may never have an opportunity to see perform live anywhere else.  Others may go on tour periodically, but they may not come to the city where you live.  Part of the Vegas experience is getting to see a live show; but paying full price for the tickets may be too costly for you.  How can you enjoy some of these world class entertainers without having to pay full price?

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Discount Show Tickets from Tix4Tonight

The best place to get discount Vegas Show Tickets is from one of the little booths owned by a company called Tix4Tonight.  If you are able to go to a show that same day, Tix4Tonight sells the unsold tickets for that evening’s performances at half price.

Tix4Tonight has booths in a number of locations up and down the strip.  The most visible one is behind the giant Coca Cola bottle on the strip in front of the Showcase Mall.  You can walk there from many of the hotels on the strip.  There is also a monorail that runs behind many of the hotels.  However, if it is too far for you to walk, any of the taxi drivers will know exactly where to go.

In addition to the booth at the Coca Cola bottle, Tix4Tonight also has booths at the Fashion Show Mall, Hawaiian Marketplace, the Town Square Mall, and inside Circus Circus, Casino Royale, Slots-A-Fun, Four Queens and Bill’s Gamlin' Hall.  As new hotels open up, they frequently look for new, convenient location.  If you have trouble finding a Tix4Tonight, or if a location has moved, the concierge or other employees at your hotel will be able to direct you to the nearest one.  You can also call Tix4Tonight at (877) 849-4868.

Tix4Tonight has been selling last minute discount tickets to Vegas shows since 2002, and they now have booths located both on the strip and in the Downtown area of the city.

By using Tix4Tonight, are you absolutely guaranteed that you will get into any show that you want?  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  Some big name entertainers have shows that are sold out weeks in advance, and no extra seats are available.  However, Tix4Tonight does provide tickets to over 75 top shows a day, and it is likely that one of those shows will please you.

Tix4Tonight also sells discounted meals at some Las Vegas restaurants, as well as discounted admission to some other area attractions.  Before you pay full price for any show or attraction, be sure to check out Tix4Tonight.

Read on to see more discount ticket vendors.  You'll be pleased to know that Tix4Tonight is not your only option.

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Other Ways to Get Discount Show Tickets

Although Tix4Tonight is by far the biggest vendor of discount ticket seller in the area, there are other sources that you may also want to try. also offers half price tickets for Vegas shows … not just for the day of the show but also up to 60 days in advance.  The advantage of using this company is that you can order the tickets you want, for the show that interests you, without having to stand in line or wait until the last minute.  They also advertise that the price shown on their website is the actual price, without any hidden fees, taxes or other additional charges.  However, not all shows are available for 50% off in advance.  In those cases, you have to pay the full box office price.  As a result, it is important to shop around and check out several different companies before ordering your tickets.  You want to be certain that you are getting the best price possible.

Vegas Tickets at (702) 795-7880 or toll free at (877) 467-4697 also sells discount tickets for Vegas shows.  With Vegas Tickets, you can order tickets in advance for all the major Las Vegas shows.  If you absolutely know that there is a particular show you want to see while you’re in Vegas, buying your tickets in advance from Vegas Tickets may be the best decision.  They will ship your tickets to you via Federal Express before you even leave on your trip, or they can have them delivered to your hotel.  The discounts may not be as large as you would get from some of the other vendors, but at least you will have your tickets in hand when you arrive.

Another source for discount tickets is    You can book your tickets online or call 1-888-LasVegas (529-8342).  They also offer advance discounts to shows, typically ranging from about 20% to 35% off.  Although this is not as good as the discounts you will receive from Tix4Tonight, you will have the assurance of getting the seats and the shows you particularly want.

Finally, don’t forget to talk with the concierge at your hotel, particularly if there is a live show at the hotel where you are staying, or at one of the hotels owned by the same company.  They may be able to arrange discounts tickets for you.  If you stay at the hotel frequently, or you are active in the casino, your hotel may be especially accommodating in arranging for you to get discount tickets to one of their shows.  Frequent gamblers sometimes even get free show tickets!

Don't forget to plan ahead and shop around for your tickets.  Be open to checking out other travel websites that may have access to discount tickets.  However you get your show tickets, once you get there, have a great time.

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