Early Childhood Education Degrees

Many opportunities exist for early childhood education degrees or getting training in childcare. You can earn a professional 4-year or associates degree in early childhood education, learn basic skills needed to provide babysitting services, or acquire new parenting techniques. Beyond the many types of courses available, there are several ways to take classes, from online to a traditional college classroom. Costs also vary. Whatever your goals in gaining training in childcare, there’s sure to be a course or program that meets your needs.

Community College Courses

Look at the course catalog for your local community college. Most have early child education and development programs that with several classes. Some even offer an associate degree for child development and will have an onsite daycare or preschool for students with children. As part of the college’s early childhood education degrees, students in the program also work in the daycare or preschool. 

University Degrees

Check the degree programs at your local university. Like community colleges, most offer programs in child development in which you can get a 4-year degree. Also like community college programs, there will typically be an onsite child center for students to work in and gain hands-on experience working with young children.

Community Programs

Find out what classes your city’s park and recreation department offers in regards to childcare classes. Here you will often find a variety of classes and seminars such as child CPR, babysitting training, and parenting skills. Although you won’t obtain a degree from these classes, you will enhance your skills and some may qualify for professional development credits.

Online University Courses

Review online childcare courses available such as through National University or Childcarelounge.com. There are dozens of opportunities to take childcare training courses online, both to meet professional development hours and to earn a degree. However, investigate online training courses before investing any money. Legitimate online childcare trainings are taught by experienced professionals in early childhood education and development and are approved by states for continuing professional development credits and/or accredited by legitimate school accreditation organizations such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


For most careers working with young children, some education is even required. Early childhood education degrees or training in childcare will prepare you to work as a teacher, in a preschool, or to start your own daycare. If any of these careers interest you, then make taking early childhood education courses your first step.