Finding pictures to use on your blog can be a bit tricky - nobody wants to fall foul of copyright law, so you have to be extra careful when sourcing images to put into your blog posts. It's all too easy to simply do a quick google images search and grab the first few images to come up for your search term and throw them into your blog, but that's a sure fire way of getting yourself served with some nasty legal documents!

So what does the average person do when they simply want some good quality images to put into their thoughtfully written content? Here are a few solutions:

Take your own photos or make your own drawings
If you are at all artistic, then consider using your own pictures. Heck, even if you aren't all that artistic. Digital cameras are cheap and most of us have one already. You can even use your mobile phone if you have one that takes reasonable quality images. Taking your own pictures gives a personal touch to your blog and it can be very rewarding. However, many of us simply don't have the time to hunt down that perfect scene so lets look at number 2:

Search the Wiki commons
Wikipedia hosts a vast array of public domain images. These are basically images that anyone can use for free, although sometimes you are required to give photo credits. So where do you find these images? Well, most of the images used in any Wikipedia article are in the public domain. But you can go straight to the Wikimedia Commons where you can find images sorted by category.

Look at government websites
Many government websites, especially in the US have images that are in the public domain. Do check on the individual websites for usage policy though. Often government websites are great for archived images or perhaps images of politicians or historic photos.

Search on Flikr
Flickr allow you to do an advanced search where you can select to see images that are shared under the Creative Commons guide. To do this go to and type something into the main search box, execute the search and on the results screen hit the "advanced search" text link next to your search term. The bottom of the advanced search screen allows you to select images that are under the Creative Commons license. Note that you should check each individual image as many of Flickr's users do ask for image credit if you use their photos on your website. Which is fair enough really.

Still can't find the image you are looking for? Already found the image that you want, but you don't know what the license on it is? Well, ask. Send the owner of the image a friendly email asking if you can use the image. Most people are happy to see their work get wider use and if you are a non-commercial blog, you will probably find that many people are happy to let you use their work for free.

Well, those are my top methods for getting free images for my blogs. Hope you found them handy.