Amazon Discounts on The Children's PlaceBuying Designer clothes for children can be quite expensive. You see the adorable little outfit's and think you just have to have them yet you know you couldn't pay the price their asking. To pay hundreds of dollars for clothes children will grow out of within months is mind-boggling, no matter how cute they are! But don't get discouraged there are plenty of ways you can get those top dollar items for rock bottom prices. You don't want to pay full price and you don't have to! Here are a few places where you can find great deals on children's designer clothes.

Outlet Malls
Yes, Outlet's can sometimes be deceiving. They claim the name "outlet" but fail to show any Premium Outletsubstantial discounts. Don't get discouraged, outlets can be one of your greatest resources if you find the in's and out's of how to get the most out of them. First look up where your nearest outlet is. Prime Outlets, Premium Outlets, and Tanger outlets are the most popular and all have websites. If you join their member's club for free they will sign you up for coupon's to be sent via e-mail. These coupons will give you a greater advantage to the "discount" they already offer daily and can really work in your favor. Tanger and Premium outlets also offer a great "pink sale" during October to support breast cancer and the deals are phenomenal, plus your supporting a good cause.
Every outlet has a great variety of children's designer clothing stores so it's definitely worth checking out! If your looking for really high end item's then the prime outlets will be your best, they have Juicy Couture which carries girls and baby sizes, True Religion and Ed Hardy in children's sizes, and many other name brand stores that you cant find many places for less than full price. The only problem is the premium outlets don't have a lot of locations. The other outlet malls that I mentioned have more locations and still do have great stores as well it just depends on what item's and brand's you are looking for.

Discount Department Stores
Discount stores such as Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and Loehman's are an excellent source for name brand children's clothes. Some even offer greater discount's if you sign up to be on their e-mail address list, they will then send you coupon's and notifications of sales. Another great way to get the most out of these types of stores is to check back weekly as they get new shipments in all the time. When you shop take your time, there are a lot of items you may not see if you don't thoroughly look through the racks. In addition, don't forget the clearance section where you can get discounts on already discounted item's!

EBay and Amazon
These sites always have designer kids clothes for good prices. If you see an item you like at a Roxy On Amazondepartment store check out eBay or Amazon before paying full price at a department store, the same item may be listed at either of these sites and you could end up getting a much better deal.
With Ebay always explore your options and hold out on bidding until the end so the price of the item isn't racked up early on. An eBay trick I learned years ago! Also set a price you'll pay, don't go crazy bidding and end up paying more than you could of got it for elsewhere! It's eBay so get the deal your looking for or don't get it at all, chances are someone else will eventually list the same thing for a lower price!

Consignment Stores
Second hand children's stores, a.k.a consignment stores, also carry great item's. I know many are not keen to the idea of used clothes but they are usually well sorted through and clean. You can always re-wash them and to be honest after your first second hand purchase you realize it's not that bad! You actually realize what a deal you can get on really nice cloths, remember the point is to not spend a fortune paying full price for designer item's when you can get the same nice things for half the cost.
You could also check out your local goodwill as well. You may not find as many higher quality item's as you will at consignment stores but Goodwill does have some great finds from time to time. Surprisingly, you can find item's that still have tag's on them and are a good price in new condition. They will often get shipments from major department stores like Target that were overstocked or out of season! Overall, it's another good way to shop for a good cause and occasionally run across some cute kid's clothes! Be careful with the used item's though you can indeed find some nice used clothes but the clothes are not as well sorted as they are at consignment stores so a lot will have rip's or stain's so just keep an eye out!

The bottom line is that the deals are out there if you are willing to do some shopping and searching. You will be surprised how easily you catch on to stretching that dollar especially when you see how much more can get with it. It is also a great idea to check your local major newspaper for weekend or upcoming sales. Always be on the look out for great deals and soon you'll have the best dressed kid's with money left over!