Halloween is just around the corner and the probability is that if you like Halloween then you are a fan of great Halloween stories. Meeting with friends on Halloween and reciting ghost stories to each other is a great way to spend the evening, but it can be hard to find original and truly scary stories. Not everyone is a natural storyteller so sometimes we have to look for a little inspiration.

Spooky CrittersMost writers, when asked for advice by those looking to break into the scene on what they should write to become successful, will say 'write what you know'. That is fantastic advice and it can certainly be applied to your search for suitable material for a Halloween get-together. So follow that advice and pull from your own experiences.

Every adult can remember some kind of spooky experience when they were a kid, whether it was a darkened stairwell that always seemed a little too crowded, even though you were alone. Or maybe the closet had an occupant that would only come out when the lights were off and you were in bed?

Now I know that this might sound a little clichéd, but the truth is that most ghost stories are much the same. There is often a common thread or background elements that spookoy stories share. It is the personalization of the story that makes it truly interesting and frightening for the listener.

Be sure to add local elements familiar to your listeners. Talk about the haunted house in your neighborhood or night the lights went out for no reason at all. Describe the sounds creaking stairs and singing winds. Stir the emotions by using different voices and having a confederate make ghastly sighs and moans.

So, dig deep within your memory and see what you can find. If there is just nothing that you can use from your own childhood, ask your family and friends if they have any personal scary stories that they can give you as fodder for your own Halloween story. If you strike out there too, then think about watching some 'true' ghost stories on TV. The History Channel carries several interesting programs on ghosts and the supernatural that you can use for a story.

If you are not interested in writing your own story, then my advice is to turn to the internet. There are thousands of sites out there that have some truly great (along with some truly bad stories, too) supernatural themed stories for you to borrow for the night.

No luck with the internet? Then try your local library. They are pretty much guaranteed to have a stock of short story books and many of them will be horror or supernaturally themed. Just get to them early so that someone else doesn't borrow them before you do.

Have a great and really scary Halloween.