As a new member of InfoBarrel, I found it a little intimidating on what to write about. One of the first things I noticed about this site was that most of the members seem to have hundreds of ideas to write about, and were doing quite well. I couldn't imagine how all these people could come up with so many different ideas, then it dawned on me that this would be the perfect thing to start off writing about. Ways to come up with various writing ideas.

In my other realm, I create writing ideas for others all the time. Ironically, I find it very hard to come up with ideas for myself. So this little structure is for both me and for anyone else who needs the help. Hopefully, we can all come up with new and amazing ideas that will help push InfoBarrel to the forefront of online media.

If you're the kind of person who likes to keep up on the latest issues, you might get ideas from your local newspaper. Not just the stuff that everyone in the world is talking about, but things the people in your own backyard find interesting. You might cover local elections, the latest on a new building complex, or a hot debate raging in your community. If it's news worthy in your neck of the woods, chances are someone else will think so as well.

We all watch television at one time or another. Some people can't get enough of shows like Dancing with the Stars or Grey's Anatomy. Myself personally, I'm an ancient history documentary type of person. Movie and TV stars are always big news, and there is always someone out there who's dying to hear the latest gossip.

Though this can also cover the news and television, there are so many different websites filled with information that there is always something to write about. Sites such as or other trivial websites can spark an idea in ways you may never have imagined. Writing websites are another great place to pick up ideas to write about. From the latest publishing notions to the latest in E-book titles.

Personal Experiences
If you've lived it, you can probably write about it. Doesn't matter what the subject, if you or someone you know has been through it, you know more than someone who's never been there. This can include things such as health issues or family traumas or even things such as how to throw a graduation party on a small budget. It doesn't have to be a sad or heart wrenching issue, it can be anything you've done and know how to do.

Arts and Crafts
What is your hobby? This alone can help you create an entire line of articles. I love to quilt, and have taught myself everything I know about doing so. I'm not the best in my field, but that's okay. I enjoy what I do, and would love to help someone who's never done any type of quilting. Maybe you paint, or draw, or are into wood crafting. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, pass it along to someone else.

There are hundreds of ideas out there, if you only know where to look. Remember, if you find something interesting, chances are someone else will too. Think about all the different things you enjoy learning about and use that to your advantage.