A lot of people are writing articles on Infobarrel and I have only recently started writing on Infobarrel. I want to share with you some of the sources of ideas I use when writing blog posts and you can use it in the same manner for Infobarrel articles or any other article writing.

Remember that you should write original articles and not rewrite something that someone else wrote.


I find a bookstore has a wealth of ideas and information. Most people will only enter a bookstore when they are looking for something specific or only go to the sections where their interests lie. Walking around in a bookstore and browsing through all the sections will give you a wealth of ideas.

You might not be interested in Golfing, Yachting or even quilting, but it will get your brain working if you keep an open mind.

Browse magazines

I am sure that you read magazines, especially the types of magazines that interest you. While you are in a bookstore take a look at the magazines they have for sale. Look at all the magazines and read the covers, and try to find something that might interest you.

If you do find something interesting open the magazine and browse through it or quickly scan the article you find interesting. When you have done that, take another magazine from the stand.

This magazine is not necessarily something that interests you, but browsing through a magazine on a subject that you know little about might spark some ideas on things you do know about.

Window shopping

When I met my wife, we used to do a lot of window shopping. We used to walk around in stores and imagine we could afford anything we wanted.

In the evenings, when the stores were closed and people have left for home, we also enjoyed just walking along the storefronts looking at the displays and peeking into the windows.It was quiet and you did not have to concentrate on people around you.

We don't browse the stores as much as we do and I found it very relaxing and just walking along kept my mind working. I think we should really get back to doing some window shopping, because I know it will give me even more ideas.


In most countries a library card is free, but only a small percentage of people have one. I wont be able to live without having a library card, because I'm a constant reader.

I read biographies that range from sporting heroes to the founders of technology companies and politicians. I'm interested in how things work and understanding or learning something new. I used to read a lot of fiction, but rarely read fiction these days. I limit it to about 5 books a year.

In the 90's I used to read about 150 fiction novels and it really takes up a lot of time you can spend learning from other people. I'd rather spend time reading Robert Kiyosaki's books or Tony Robbins or the Google story. I want to learn about everything I can and I'm blessed with a wide range of interests.

The staff at our local library knows my family very well, since we are there at least a couple of times a month.

Get yourself a library card and start browsing through the books. Read what you find interesting. You don't have to write about it on Infobarrel or anywhere else, but it will start to simmer in your brain and every time you ad something to the mixture you will be surprised with the ideas that will come to you.