Katy Perry Black Shatter Nail Polish

(Katy Perry OPI colors from l-r) Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream and Black Shatter.

Katy Perry did a major collaboration with OPI last year to come up with the Katy Perry OPI Shatter Collection. 2012 and even 2013 and beyond proves that the shatter nail look isn't going anywhere.

And for obvious reasons one of the most successful colors in the OPI Shatter line, is the Black Shatter polish. It's this top coat that is overlayed over the other OPI nail polish colors to provide the really edgy and fun look everyone is wearing now.

Where Do You Find the Katy Perry Black Shatter Color  On Sale?:

1. Ebay Expired Auctions: One of the easiest ways to score Katy Perry OPI colors, including the black shatter color cheaply, is on Ebay. Obviously, the online auction retailer is a great place to find any item at a discount. Participating in auctions obviously can drive the prices up. So my advice would be to wait for after an auction that has expired. Maybe no one even bid on the nail polish that you're interested in. Contact the Ebay seller to see if they are willing to take less for the Katy Perry polishes. Often times, sellers are eagar to get rid of inventory they thought would do very well.

2. Amazon: Amazon can also prove to be a really great way to purchase cheap Katy Perry OPI shatter colors. And while negotiating with sellers on Amazon isn't as easy as it is on Ebay, it is still possible to find Shatter colors that may not move as quickly as the ever popular black shatter color. Keep an eye out for deep discounts for Katy Perry colors that aren't as popular as the black shatter one.

3. Your Local Nail Salon: You'd be surprised at how much your local nail salon is willing to make a deal with you on Katy Perry Shatter colors, especially when you are a frequent customer or even a good tipper. Be sure to ask your nail tech first about any possible discounts. Approaching the nail salon owner should really be your last option. Lot's of times the owner may not know you as well as your nail tech. And your nail tech may even be able to apply their own discount to make your Katy Perry OPI colors cheap to purchase.

Your third option within approaching your nail salon is also asking to buy colors that have been used. There are times when OPI nail polish colors have been used and the nail salon is willing to get rid of them at a deep discount.

4. Craigslist: I know, I know, you're probably wondering how possible is it to score cheap OPI shatter nail polish on Craigslist. It's possible. There are times when nail techs are leaving town or going out of business and need to offload inventory. Sure, this isn't the likely everyday option, but it is possible to score discount OPI nail polish on the site.

So do yourself a favor and check out the above resources to score Katy Perry OPI Black Shatter Polish along with her other cool OPI colors.