When you visit Las Vegas there are a lot of ways to find low cost food while in Vegas. You will be spending money on Hotels, airplane tickets, shows, and Las Vegas Taxis so you might as well save some money while eating in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a unique town. You can spend a lot of money on a gourmet meal or you can eat at a fast food restaurant. Las Vegas is unique because you can eat at a buffet with great food for less money than you would spend for a meal at McDonalds.

You can find expensive buffets as well as dirt cheap buffets.

Dirt Cheap Buffets

You can find cheap buffets. These casinos offer dirt cheap buffets every day. They may or may not offer a coupon but their buffet is so cheap it may not matter. One of the popular dirt cheap buffets is the Railroad Casino located just outside of Las Vegas.

Free Buffets

If you are gambling then you can get a free buffet. Read her eon how to get free or cheap food in Las Vegas to learn more about how to get a free buffet in Las Vegas.

Higher Cost Buffets

You can find higher cost buffets such as the seafood buffet at Sams' Town on Friday nights. It will cost you around $20.00 per person which you may consider to be expensive but the variety of fresh seafood makes this buffet one of the best values in town.

At higher cost buffets you can generally get a wide variety of food at a great value. It is easy to eat at Sams' Town on a Saturday night for their Prime Rib buffet which costs about $15.00.

You can still get comped a free meal at a more expensive buffet. Check with the player's club area of the casino you are visiting and find out what the requirements are to earn a free meal.

Las Vegas Coupons

Casinos use their buffets as a way to bring people into their casino and entice them into gambling. You can find casinos that advertise their buffets and a coupon for a discount including 2 for 2 coupons. Keep your eye out for any coupons. When you check into your Las Vegas hotel ask the front desk if they have any books with coupons or know where you can get some coupons for buffets.

Hotel Packages

If you are staying at a Las Vegas hotel that has a buffet you can often negotiate to get a free buffet if you book early. If you are looking to visit Las Vegas during a slow visitor period then the Hotels want your business. If you are deciding between say the Sahara and the Luxor then you can stay with the hotel that will offer you a free buffet. Asking for one free buffet and you will book with them right now is a great way to get a free buffet while in Las Vegas.

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