Where Can I Find Free Printable Coupons?

While most people are familiar with coupon inserts that come with the Sunday paper, the newest thrifty way to save money every week at the grocery store is with printable coupons found on the internet.

In the past, supermarkets did not always accept internet coupons because of fraud issues. Nowadays, consumers are finding the money saving offers they print from their computer are now more widely accepted, as they have their own unique bar codes.  Websites also limit the number of offers that you are able to print to two, so that also reduced a lot of the fraud that had been around.

Printable coupons boost your savings because in most cases, you can print more than one. That saves you from having to buy more than one Sunday paper. Personally, I recycle the mountains of paper that my children bring home from school to print my savings, so that I am not spending money buying reams of paper.

Here are a list of ways to get your printable grocery coupons. Please note that many of these will require you to install a "Coupon Printer" in order to print these coupons. These are sfe to use and will not harm your computer.  


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Go to the Manufacturer's Website

Just about every product has its own website. Many times there are offers available right there. In order to save more money, you can sign up to receive emails from the company. Printable coupons for your favorite products are delivered directly to your inbox.

Go to the Store's Website

If you shop at a particular store, they sometimes have coupons to print. Target, which has increased it's grocery departments nationwide, has savings for groceries online for you to print.  You can stack these with a manufacturer's coupon to save even more money and potentially get these things for free or nearly free!

Become a Facebook Fan

If you have a Facebook account, you can become a fan of a particular product. Once a fan, you can print savings for that product directly from Facebook.

Other sites for printable coupons are:







With so many options to save you money on groceries, finding coupons on the internet is a smart and easy way to eat more economically.