The search for cheaper car insurance for younger drivers has some very big financial implications for young people who have just passed the test and are looking to find their first insurance policy. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive can be hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Younger, more inexperienced drivers are not considered to be a very good risk in the eyes of the insurance companies and the statistics back this up. Young drivers are more at risk of having an accident. So what are the choices for young people looking to secure the best price for car insurance?

Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are probably the best weapon that young people have at their disposal. Using a price comparison website gives safety in numbers to the seeker of the cheapest quote because, by simply entering the required details into one online interface, hundreds of companies can be queried at the same time and the results sorted in price order. This makes it very easy to find a base figure from which to explore other avenues. By using a comparison website, you may find that there is a cash back incentive on the website that you also need to factor into the equation.

Direct Enquiry to the Insurance Company.

There are some companies like Direct Line that do not submit price feeds to comparison websites. It is always worth making an enquiry because insurance companies are always looking for new customers and often offer their most competitive rates to them. You should always approach an insurance company with details of the lowest figure you have obtained via the price comparison website because many of them are prepared to haggle to secure your business.

If you find that your lowest price quote can be matched, it is time to turn to the small print. Find out what the excess (the amount you are required to pay towards repairs) is required and see if one company requires more than the other. Also look to see if one is throwing in some extras like free windscreen repair, roadside assistance, or any other kind of incentives.

Insurance Broker

Working on the same principle as a comparison website, a broker will compare prices from a number of different companies and try to secure you the cheapest price. Brokers aren’t mentioned much nowadays but they do still provide a valuable service in the war against high insurance costs. Using a broker is a good option for someone who is unable to use a computer, prefers dealing with a human being, or has a special requirement that falls outside of the options available online. Brokers can sometimes secure better finance options for people who want to pay by monthly instalments by looking to other sources for the credit required.

Sadly, not enough people in the UK take the time to do a proper search for the best car insurance quote. Young people can be so keen to use their new license to get behind the wheel that after finding out that many companies won't touch them, they are almost grateful to find someone to insure them regardless of what it will cost.