To improve your listing, there are several techniques such as Link building or the net-linking in French. As a guideline, the links are to link your site to other partner sites. In fact, you can benefit from additional visitors to your site through the existing links on your partner sites.

Here are some tips that can help you define your link strategy to attract more visitors:

Find quality partner sites:

It is important to have many links, but it remains crucial to have links with reputable sites that benefit from a strong authority vis-a-vis search engines. To check the authority of a site, see if its pages are updated and indexed regularly if they have a large number of back links pointing to this penny, and the date of the site and its PR.

Find links

There are several ways to find links. For maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to combine different techniques.

You can proceed with the drafting of article or press releases. This involves writing an article or articles related to the domain your site and submit a site for dissemination by creating a link that points to a page on your site that you want to optimize your home page or bottom of your item . Similarly, for a press release, you can add a link on the "About".

Registration in directories:

Even if the directories do not have strong ties because of their high number of outbound links, you can still sign up. This is one of the SEO techniques oldest but also one of the most common, especially in France. Do not limit this technique mainly because it will not allow you to have a lot of traffic.

Expanding its network back Links:

It is also possible to exchange links, while taking every precaution because search engines can identify interrelationships and cause them to lose the same time, reliably. However you can work around this, first by making relevant contributions and then putting the links pointing to your website exclusively. You can also comment sections of blogs including a link to your website.

Buy Links

If you have a big budget for your SEO, it is possible to buy links. This allows you to publish your links on sites of great popularity. In other words, you can benefit from the authority of the site to increase your traffic. However, it should choose the site covers the same topics as you and especially avoid uploading suddenly a large number of these links, especially when you do not already have a network of well-developed back Links. In addition, you can seek the services of professional SEO for building an effective SEO plan.