Used Kitchen Cabinets

Where to Find Them

Does your family have a cottage? Or a second home that needs fixing? Or maybe you just bought your first home and the kitchen is older than you are?. Then consider getting a used kitchen, especially if you have limited funds or just want a bit of a face lift on the cheap. If you don’t mind doing the work yourself, you can save a lot of money.

If visions of crumpled up cheap wood cabinets are popping in your head, then before you hit the back button consider this. If you have a standard kitchen, and you want to update it, such as with a cottage or a smaller place, then what you need to do is research some of the "re-stores". That might not be the name of the store in your area, but it is basically a builders reuse it store, that is open to the public.

Find Used Kitchen Cabinets - Re-Store - There are some around bigger cities. Many are used to fund Habitat for Humanity. If they get donations of building supplies they can't use, then they get sold for the cash as second hand.

Like any other second hand or reuse it center, you may take one look and see nothing but then the next week hit the jackpot, depending on how busy the week was for contractors. Many people with a flair for change and bigger wallets, like to redo their kitchens more than once or twice. They may not want to use the backs of the cabinets or anything that is still good. The homeowner may give them to the builder and/or he may find a reuse place to put them.

You can check at your local dump as well. Sometimes they will have an area for used but still good construction materials, such as wood, paint and cabinets.

Find Used Kitchen Cabinets - Newspaper - This can be a great place to find used kitchen cabinets. There will be two types of people in this scenario. The ones that just want you to come and take them out of their house, as they are sitting in their garage or kitchen still, after having a new kitchen installed, and they don't want to have to pay to have them taken away. Or there will be the people who will think they are still worth a lot of money because they are oak or a hardwood and want way too much for them.

So, you can either get used kitchen cabinets from the fed up sellers, or haggle with the die hard high priced sellers. But you can get some good deals.

Contractors - Do you know a kitchen contractor? or even a General Renovation contractor? If you are friendly with any, then ask them if they are taking out any old kitchens. In which case they will be more careful when taking them down. Even if you can only use a few of them it is worth it.

Even though you see people on those TV shows, with sledge hammers hacking down their kitchens with everyone cheering on, contrary to popular belief, it is usually easier and causes less damage if you unscrew them from the wall! So, not all used kitchen cabinets are mangled, just in case that was your vision.

Roam the Neighborhood On Big Garbage Day - Don't laugh! If you hit the right neighborhood you can get some good finds! When we built our first house 22 years ago, we were really low on money when it came to outfitting it, and we went out on a drive and found 2 perfectly good, almost new, white bathroom vanities at the end of a "well to do" driveway. It was for the big garbage day, but they also said "free to good home" on them.

Hey they looked great for 14 years until we sold the house! Just put a new sink in them and they saved us hundreds of dollars. A friend of mine does this on a regular basis, now this can look like you are stocking the neighborhood, but she got decent used kitchen cabinets this way for her cottage. She painted them and even used the hardware that was still on the used kitchen cabinets.

You don't have to resort to new. If you are handy with a sander and some paint, and can install new hardware, you can get a good deal on used kitchen cabinets. So, whether this is for your cottage, the apartment you are trying to setup in your basement or for that first home, and your wallet says NO when it comes to a complete kitchen remodel, then consider finding used kitchen cabinets, or even just the door fronts if you like your bases.

Then you can splurge for a new countertop. A decent arborite one is cheap, but with a new sink and tap set, you will be styling. Also see:

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