There are many different web design software packages available on the market today. The most popular ones are content management systems or CMS in short. CMS popularity is due to their price as majority of them like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are free.

When designing a new website with CMS first thing one need is a template. Template is an outlook of the site. Colors, fonts, site background and header are parts of template. To find a perfect template which will suit your new site you have different options:

Free web templates

There is a lot of websites that offer free web templates. Downloading and installing free template may seem a perfect choice, but this decision has also disadvantages. One is the fact that free templates are not advanced multi module position designs with graphically engaging outlook. Rather, what you can get are simple three column header and footer module position templates. Support and documentation can also be a problem.

  • Advantages: Are free.
  • Disadvantages: Poor designs, lack of support and documentation. Are not unique.

Commercial web templates

On the other hand, commercial web templates come packed with lot of options like different colors to choose from and various module positions. Design is also advanced and templates look very attractive and professional. Web sites that offer commercial templates also offer help in terms of forum and client support. Usually commercial templates come with good documentation.

  • Advantages: Professional designs, good support and documentation.
  • Disadvantages: Cost of template. Are not unique.

Use Template Maker software to create your own templates

Artisteer, a special software for web template design is available on market. With this template maker tool, one can make his own web templates. Using template maker, you will create unique templates that suit perfectly to your web site. You have total control over all elements of web template. Decide yourself over fonts, colors, dimensions, module positions, backgrounds and headers of your template. Use a predefined effects like

  • Advantages: Unique templates. Total control over design.
  • Disadvantages: Cost of software.

Final word

To find your perfect template, you have three options:

  • If you are building only one site for a personal use than free option would be a good choice.
  • If you build a company or commercial web site than a commercial template is better option over the free one.
  • If you are a web design company and you use to design unique web pages for your clients, a  dedicated software would be the best option.