An Affordble Mini FridgeAny number of alternatives are available for finding the best cheap mini fridges for sale. Certainly, the most affordable option is finding a friend, neighbor or relative who is looking to get rid of a working mini fridge because they are buying a new one. If the opportunity presents itself, push your ego aside and accept the charity. With a little elbow grease and maybe some minor maintenance, you will have an appliance that could last for several years.

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More Pressing Needs for Cheap, Compact, Mini Fridges

These opportunities are usually few and far between, however and if you or your family is in immediate need of a mini fridge, you probably can’t afford to wait. Instead, you should examine the ads of your local appliance dealers. Unfortunately, they are not always the most affordable deals.

If you can’t find what you need in these local shops, consider these other options. They are ordered from least expensive to most. Good luck!



Garage & Estate Sales

The real cost to finding a cheap but good mini fridge is the time and energy that the process will cost you. If you have the time, great deals can be found at garage sales around town. Also, be sure to check any “estate” sales near colleges and universities. In many cases, these homes are occupied by graduating students who are looking to get rid of some of their appliances.

Bear in mind that the appliances at these sales will most probably have been put through the ringer. It is only prudent that you see them work before buying. Do not buy an appliance that the owner will not plug in unless it is only for scrap value.

While college students are particularly hard on their appliances, the elderly usually take good care of them. For this reason, an estate sale where the previous owner has recently passed provides a n excellent opportunity to find mini fridges in superior working order. In fact, the new owners are probably far more concerned with selling the actual house than its contents so, get there early, bargain hard and get out before any other buyers show up.



Used Appliance Stores

If garage and estate sales do not yield a mini fridge deal, then the prudent buyer may need to visit some of the used appliance stores in their area. These stores specialize in cannibalizing several machines to create one good one. It is time consuming work and not worth it for a single appliance but it is a solid and lucrative business.

Most cities have an area where these types of businesses congregate. Find the one in your town and visit a few of them. You will be pleasantly surprised at the customer service and at the value of their merchandise. Most used applaine businesses will guarantee their mini fridges for 30, 60 or even 90 days. No doubt, there is some risk but at these prices, it is well worth the money.



Scratch and Dent Stores

The big box dealers would much rather sell you a brand new mini fridge and they use all of their marketing and advertising power to do so. Still, they are not perfect and sometimes, their beautiful, brand-new appliances are damaged for one reason or another. When this happens, they send the damaged appliance off to one of their “scratch and dent” stores.

The retailer Sears is a particularly good example of  to this rule. They operate Sears Outlet stores, also known as Sear Scratch and Dent Warehouses.  Instead of selling their damaged or floor model appliances piecemeal, they repair the worst ones and then send them to a single location. These particular stores are a bonanza for those looking for bargain priced mini fridges.



Walmart & Amazon

Best Value Mini FridgeWalmart and Amazon are the kings of physical location and online retailing, respectively. Due to their volume, they are able to offer some significant deals on cheap mini fridges on an almost daily basis. Both of the retailers are obsessed with their reputations and will do whatever it takes to make their customers happy.

In many cases, if you find an excellent deal at either Walmart or Amazon, it is well worth the time and effort to pursue it, Their warranties and their return policy are the standards by which other retailers are measured.



Medium and Big Box Retailers

An often overlooked place where to find the best cheap mini fridges for sale is the common medium and big box retailers, These stores are worth a try because, every so often they have a liquidation sale for their old and floor models. These sales are usually held at the same time every year so it is definitely worth your time to befriend the store manager and find out the dates of their sale.

In addition, these stores often advertise incentives to lower the cost of a mini fridge and they will allow you to combine the incentives offered by the manufacturer also. If you can get place both incentives on the same appliance, you stand to get a very good deal indeed.

The last benefit of the local retailers is that they will often deliver and install the mini fridge for free just to get your business. This may not seem like a big deal but if you are a student without a car, it can mean the difference between having a mini fridge and not.



A Final Thought

The purchase of the best cheap mini fridges for saleis a process best left for those with patience. It is not complicated but it does take some tenacity to check all the likely places where a deal may be. If you take your time and bargain hard, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the world who will sell you a defective or worthless mini fridge. It is your responsibility to make sure that the item works before you drag it home.

By the same token, almost every retailer will stand by their product and guarantee it. If you have any concerns about your ability to tell a working appliance from non-working one, your best bet is to by from a reputable dealer.

Happy hunting and good luck on finding where the best, cheap mini fridges are for sale.