If you are an avid golfer and on the hunt for a great deal on golf carts or have no idea where to find the best deals for gas golf carts for sale, then here are some of the best places to look online for a great deal.golf carts for sale

The quick and easy options would be to check out your local Craigslist or E-bay where anyone from personal owners to store owners are willing to bargain their used golf carts and they offer steals from $500 and up. Just beware of scams and be sure to have a specialist check the engine and motor. There are other places to find the best deals like Golfcartonline.com with an EZGO blowout for sale starting at $1000.

Buyerzone.com offers full reconditioned Club Cars starting at $4195, a gasoline hauler at $4795 and a four passenger gas golf cart for sale from $4695. Considering the new i2 Precedent is on sale for $6100, that's a great deal.

You could also go with name brands like Yamaha, on their web site they offer zero down and no interest now through the end of December. Yamaha has an outstanding reputation for having great deals on gas golf carts for sale.

Saddleback Golf Cars is another outstanding option, they also offer a large assortment of models, new and used with even the opportunity to build your own. They offer used Club Cars starting at $2299 and an EZGO Freedom from $4400. A new showroom in California recently opened with an array of gas golf carts for sale.

The best thing about gas golf carts is they are powerful, fast and convenient, which means everything to the golfer who wants to spend less time walking and more time golfing.

There are plenty of options for the golfer to find the best deal on used golf carts; the catch is in doing the hunting and checking to make sure that the great deal is a true bargain.