Food in Italy is among the best in the world you will ever find. You will not only find the most delicious food but you will find the best wines throughout the world directly from the source, the vineyards and wineries that have been making wine for hundreds of years.

In the US, there are many of us that associate Italian food with the image of a large guy eating a big bowl of spaghetti with meat balls. But believe it or not, there are very few that eat spaghetti and meat balls in Italy.

They do have some great recipes of meat sauce that can take a very long time to prepare. Some include the meat to be marinated for 3 to 4 days in aged wine. They also make some incredible variations of pasta dishes made with vegetables or some fabulous seafood.

When I refer to pasta, we are not talking about spaghetti. They have more varieties than you can imagine in shapes, forms, and sizes of the pasta, many which are unique to the different regions.

They have such a wonderful range of recipes and foods that rely on only fresh ingredients that are cooked immediately. They use a lot of vegetables and fruit and olive oil all creating all that wonderful food in Italy.

Food in Rome includes some very strong flavors, covered with dressings and everything else that will not be in your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Traditional food in Italy is made up of some simple and very meager ingredients that all follow the seasons because everything they use is fresh.

You may first be introduced to the essential bruschetta, so full of garlic it will even kill the vampires, or some mozzarella in carrrozza. The main meal will consist of spaghetti alla carbonara. You can try the rigatoni pasta with their incredible pajata sauce. Don't ask about the ingredients until after you try the dish.

You will find the most incredible wines, and in the mornings in Rome you will see markets filled with color and aromas of the fresh foods that make your mouth water. You will find the baker's shops filled with pastries and breads to die for.

The historical coffee shops are unique to the city where you can be surrounded by their culture, the traditions and history. This is where the locals meet and swap stories. No matter where you go, you will find the best foods in Italy.

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