Live Coverage of the Match

I wrote this article before the match began and didn't know yet which websites to use to follow the match except for what had been announced by the main chess websites. Here is an updated version of it with what I have experienced so far (I followed the first 5 games live).

Just two words about the status: after 5 games, Carlsen is leading 3-2.

About the schedule:

16th Game 6
17th Rest Day
18th Game 7
19th Game 8
20th Rest Day
21st Game 9
22nd Game 10
23rd Rest Day
24th Game 11
25th Rest Day
26th Game 12
27th Rest Day
28th Tie Breaks, if needed

Every game starts at 15:00 Indian Time (mind the quite unusual time difference with a half hour twist).

1. Official Website

The first option is to use the official website. The video so far has been working well. The diagram next to it, unfortunately has not been very stable. Sometimes, it doesn't load, other times it suddenly stops updating.

The commentators, as I expected, are doing a great job. Susan Polgar and Ramesh RB are alternating with Lawrence Trent and Tania Sachdevwith.

2. Chesslive

Another website I have been using, especially when the moves stopped being transmitted live on the diagram of the official website (or is

The site is in Spanish but it doesn't really matter as the important thing is to follow what is played. I tried several online chess analyzers but none gave me satisfaction so when I want to check a specific line, I use the droidfish app on my Android phone.


I have used many times in the past and I must say it has never had so many problems as now. I suppose there is just too much people following the match and this site is struggling with capacity (fair as the site is free and the chess world is not used to so much attention...).

On the other hand, I still like to have the position with integrated computer analysis. So, for every game, I try using and as soon as I see it doesn't work, I switch to a combination of the two sites above.

3. ChessBase

If you afford a premium account at (the playing area of, you should probably go for it.

The best of the best are commenting the games for you there: Daniel King, Maxime Vachier Lagrave, etc... just to name two.

Below an example of analysis by Daniel King (not from a live video but from his youtube channel).


Strangely doesn't seem to cover the event live. But they do have a lot of analysis the hours who follow the games (day time in US). They have also a lot of articles about them. I haven't taken the time to check those extensively though.

5. Others...

There seems to be many other sites out there and even some TV coverage! But those were the main ones I knew of and that I am using personally.

Enjoy the games!